Set up a Discount Reward & Buffer


In this guide, we will show you how to set up rewards for the users to redeem against the points they earned through activities and challenges. 

Users can exchange points for rewards. As the institution administrator, you choose the rewards that you want to show on the app.

There are two types of rewards:

Merchant handoff – you state the amount of stock and the user shows their

phone to the merchant to redeem the reward.

• Discount code – you provide a code for each reward available. Each code corresponds to one redeemable reward. Users are shown the code and can either present this to the merchant or use it to redeem online.

You can set up a limit on the number of times a reward can be redeemed using the ‘reward buffer’ and tags.

Users are shown rewards if they are enabled:

• Available

• Coming soon

• Out of stock

Note: Expired rewards are not shown on the app


Step-by-Step guide


Creating a reward

You can show up to 40 rewards at one time on the app.


1. From the home page, go to the Moves module


2. Go to Rewards


3. Click on Create New Reward


4. Fill in the details


- Add a title (32 characters) 

- Select the Discount Code as the claim type.


- Add the number of points needed to claim the reward:
Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 14.36.41.png

For discount codes, you will provide the stock via imported codes (explained in the Create a discount code in Chapter 5 below).

- Fill in the description (max 1,024 characters) and terms and conditions (max 1,024 characters).

N.B: You can add a photo in the description box by clicking on the photo icon and insert the image URL

You must include the link to the image file directly.
You can get this link by right-clicking the image and clicking ‘copy image address' in Google Chrome. (Other browsers will have similar functionality)





- Choose a start and end date for when the reward will be live.

- Add a pre-created tag (optional) (as created via instructions in the Create a reward tag and buffer in Chapter 6 below) if you wish to buffer the number of times the reward can be redeemed.

- Upload an image of the reward with dimensions 512x512px. No default image is provided for rewards.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 12.37.24.png\

Please note: When images have a resolution that's too high, you may encounter issues creating your reward. when this happens, simply reduce the image resolution and upload again.


5. Create a Discount code

The amount of stock for a discount reward is determined by the codes that

your input.

- Create a discount code reward as described in steps 1-7 above.

- Click save and go to the ‘Discount codes’ tab.

- Import codes one at a time or use the bulk code import function.

- Download the Excel file and input codes underneath the ‘Code’ header (keep that cell as is).


- You can import codes that are unique, or codes that are the same and you

can download a list of codes redeemed via the Rewards report.

6. Creating a reward tag and Buffer (Optional)

- Click ‘Reward tags’ and ‘Create new tag’. You should select a tag that you wish to assign to any reward with a set buffer (e.g. ‘clothing’ or ‘hoodies’).

- Go to ‘Rewards’ and ‘Buffers’ and ‘Create new buffer’. Select a name for the buffer and the number of times you wish it to be redeemed (e.g. 3 times every 365 days). Apply the tag you created to the buffer..


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