How to configure your Waiting List?


In this guide, we will show you how the waiting list works and how to configure the email notifications that are sent out to customers.


If you have enabled the Waiting List functionality, customers will be able to join a waiting list if the activity is full. Once someone cancels their activity booking, everyone on the waiting list will receive an email informing them that there is a spot available and that they can now go book a spot.

Note: Customers will not automatically be placed on the waiting list when someone cancels. The order in which they were added on the waiting list will have no impact on securing a spot. Once the email is sent out, all customers on the waiting list will have the same opportunity to book a spot.

Step by Step Guide

In order to have the Waiting list functionality enabled, you will have to configure a few settings and email templates within the System Configuration module.


  1. Enter a value of 1 or above in the Default Class Waitlist Size setting (this can be overridden in the Class Activity Categories Advanced tab) -  Default is 10
  2. Enter a value for the The Waitlist Cut Off time (Minutes) setting. Default is 120

  3. Create your Added to Waitlist email Template

  4. Create your Booking Space Opened email template.
    In the Content box, enter the URL to your booking site in between the 2 "". For example, "".
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