How to create new Reports in Moves+


In this guide, we will show you how to use the reporting section of Moves+. This will cover sections such as how to create new reports, manipulate existing reports, export reports and schedule reports. 


Step by Step Guide

    1. On the Moves dashboard, click the Reporting module.

    2. Click Create New Report

    3. Choose a Name for the report

    4. Select the Data Source

    5. Optionally add a description

    6. Global or Private
      Choose whether you want the report to be visible by everyone (Global) or for your eyes only (Private).
      Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 09.53.43.png
    7. Click Create




How to manipulate reports


  1. From the Reporting Module, select the Report you want to manipulate.
    Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 10.20.36.png

  2. Click Edit on report you want to view

  3. Select the following as desired;


Fields selector

• Select and deselect fields if you wish to manipulate the report before exporting Query Builder


Query Builder

• This allows you to create rules and functions based on the fields you have selected Grouping



• For some reports you will be able to group lines together by field



  • Click to preview results

  • Use the search function to examine data within the report


Save query

  • Choose this option to save the new report should you wish to use it again.

  • Note: If you manipulate a report and click ‘save query’ the new filters will apply when

    you view the report again.


Export Data


• Select the way that you wish to export the data in (e.g. XLS for excel file).





How to Export reports 

  1. On the dashboard, click the Reporting module

  2. View list of saved reports

  3. Click Edit on the report you want to export

  4. Click Preview to view a sample of the report and use the Search function.

  5. Click Export Data and choose the format you want to export (e.g. XLS for excel).






How to Schedule reports

Reports can be scheduled to be sent to you or your colleagues automatically.

  1. Navigate to your list of saved reports

  2. Click Schedule on the report you wish to schedule

  3. Set "Type" to External

  4. Select the format

  5. Choose the frequency that the email is sent

  6. Enter email addresses

  7. Select to Customise the email should you wish to

  8. Click Create


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