What information to include when raising an issue with the Moves + App


Depending on the query or issue raised, to assist you efficiently and promptly, we need as much information as possible.


Applicable for all issues/queries.

  • Customer ID/Email address
  • Tracker 
  • Phone 
  • OS Version

On top of the information below, we may need additional information:

For points enquiries/Issues.

  • Screenshot of their activity on their tracker
  • Screenshot of their activity on the Moves + App
  • If using Google Fit, ensure that they are using the same email address for the Moves + App and the Google Fit App.
  • To ensure that the steps/points haven’t carried over to the next day, a screenshot showing the steps accumulated on the following day would also be helpful.
    Example Scenario: Steps discrepancy is on the 22nd of Feb:
    A screenshot showing steps for 23rd/24th Feb would be useful to ensure that the steps haven’t carried over to the next day.


  • Link to the group/reward/challenge/survey
  • Screenshot on how it shows on the dashboard vs how it shows on the app for the user
  • Screenshot of their activity both on the Moves + app and their tracker if related to a challenge progress/completion issue.

Password Reset Issue

  • Ensure that the user opens the email and clicks on the reset link within an hour of receiving the password reset email. as the link is only valid for 60 minutes.
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