Membership Promotions - User Release Notes


Following our 1.57 Release on Wednesday 3rd July, we now have our Membership Promotions sub-module to facilitate creating promotional codes that offer a discount for recurring and fixed term memberships. Please find detail below on what is included in Membership Promotions, how to use the feature & how the code is redeemed via FOH & Online. 


What is included in Membership Promotions?

  • Create promo codes as either a fixed amount e.g. £10 off or a percentage e.g. 10% off the basket price (pro rata or fixed term)
  • Select either recurring or fixed membership types and this can be done as a Select All or individually select the membership types. Recurring will be the discount from the pro rata (basket price). Fixed term will be a discount on the whole membership as this is paid upfront.
  • Select the dates you want the campaign to run e.g. 1 month, 1st January to the 31st January.
  • View a table showing all promo codes created and the status of that promo code (active, published, unpublished and then expired). The table will also show how many times the code was redeemed.
  • UI change to online and FOH to input the promo code
  • Additional field in the Membership Datasource to note if there was a promo code associated with the membership sale
  • Restrict who can access the Membership Promotions V1 module


Please find demo videos below on how to create a promo code, how to use a code at FOH and how a customer will use a code via join online. 


How to Create a Promo Code:

How to Use the Promo Code via FOH:

How Customers will use the Promo Code via Join Online:


How to Give Staff Access

You will need to edit the User Role for staff members to give them access to this module, this is done by going to System configuration > Security > Edit the Role you wish to update > Promotions module > there are then two options:

View membership promotions - Select this if you want staff with this User Role to be able to view the table of promos created but NOT give them access to create a code

Manage membership - You would need to select this and the above one to give them full access to view, create and manage a code



Additional Information on the Membership Promotions V1 Module:

  • The discount code needs to be 1 word e.g. JULY50OFF spaces will not be recognised when trying to redeem the discount

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 17.39.19.png

  • It is not possible to edit once published, you would need to unpublish and start again
  • For auditing purposes there is no delete button to delete a promo code, however we may explore an enhancement for a V2 to include an archive section.
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