Which activities will I receive points for?

You can earn points for the following activities:
  • Daily step count (steps+)
  • Running (miles*) 
  • Cycling (miles*) 
  • Swimming (meters*) 

+Strava tracks walking and not steps, therefore we measure daily step count using a basic calculation based on the distance you walked and average number of steps for this distance. If you do a lot of walking, we recommend attaching a different tracker for more reliable measures. 

*If your tracker collects data using a different metric (e.g. kilometers rather than miles), we will convert the measurements and award you the corresponding number of points. 


Converting Points

In order to convert activities to points, Moves+ will read the information sent from your tracker and process this data into points. We can only award points for certain types of activities, so you will need to ensure the following: 

  • You need to check that your wearable device or app has synced by opening your app and checking that your activity has come through before you attempt to sync Moves (see further information on manual and nightly sync). 
  • Your wearable device is properly connected to Moves (see our troubleshooting guidance).


Please make sure that you are logging the correct activities and will a distance associated in order to receive points: 
  • Running and cycling are logged with GPS enabled – without GPS we cannot measure a distance and therefore can’t convert your activity into points (see image below).
  • Swimming must be recorded with the distance logged in order for you to receive points. This can be done via a compatible wearable device, e.g. Fitbit or by using a waterproof phone and measuring via Strava. We do not provide points for manually entered swimming times without the recorded distance, e.g. Google Fit (see image below). 
  • Activities that are logged manually will not convert to points as we are unable to verify that this activity was completed. 
  • Any activities that are auto-logged will need to have GPS data associated with the activity otherwise we are not able to convert this data. 

Activities not listed above, for example a bike machine at the gym, a treadmill run or a yoga/pilates class cannot be converted into points by Moves+. 


Why can’t I receive points for activities that don’t have a distance associated (e.g. Gym sessions or Yoga classes)? 

As a rewards-based app, we need to ensure that we are awarding points for genuine activity. The best way for us to achieve this is by awarding points according to the distance completed, rather than another measure which is more easily fallible. We are examining the ways that we may be able to allow users to gain points for gym-based activities in the future.  


How many points will I earn for my activities? 

Your institution/company will decide how many points are allocated for each activity. You are able to view this when you login to the app and navigate to Profile -> Edit Profile -> My Tracker 


How long do my points last for?

Please refer to your institution/company’s terms and conditions.

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