Why am I missing points?

What is my daily activity?

On your homepage you will see your daily activity which appears once you have manually synced your app. See details here on how to manually sync. 


What is my recent activity? 

This is a list of all the activities that you have logged over the past month starting from yesterday. You can view how your points were earned for each day. The recent activity will show automatically after the nightly sync so there is no need to manually sync your app. 


I am having trouble getting points for activities that I have completed. 

I did not receive points I expected to receive for an activity that I did. 

If you have completed some activity but not received points for this, there are a number of things you can do. 

  • Check that you have logged the correct type of activity 
  • Check whether any points came through or whether no points at all were awarded 
    • If you received some points but not all you may have logged an incorrect activity type (for more information see this section), or you may have an issue with manual syncing (see here for more detail). Remember, we only provide points for activities logged after you have connected your tracker, and not those before.
    • If you received no points at all, you may have an issue with manual syncing (see here) or you may have a connection issue with your app. 
  • Wait for one more day. Occasionally, it’s possible that the nightly sync can fail but the following night the sync should pull through data from the previous day so check whether you receive your points then. 
  • If you still cannot diagnose the problem, you may wish to contact your university administrator. 
My tracker won’t connect at all or is being automatically disconnected

If you are struggling to connect a tracker, see our troubleshooting guidance for a step-by-step guide of how to connect your tracker.  If your tracker is being automatically disconnected, you are likely to be experiencing an issue related to the way your tracker is set up. You will need to ensure that your auto-sync is turned on, follow our guidance for connecting a tracker or contact your university administrator if you cannot resolve the problem. 


What are ‘perceived’ vs. ‘actual’ activities?

When wearing a fitness tracker (e.g. Fitbit, Apple or Withings watch), the wearable device will count some movements as ‘perceived’ activity. For example, if you are fidgetting at your desk, the wearable may count these movements as steps when you are actually not walking anywhere. 

The data sent to Moves+ will only include ‘actual’ activity data (e.g. only steps completed when actually walking). The ‘actual’ data can differ from the ‘perceived’ data that you are shown on your wearable or app. 

Sometimes there can be a big difference between the perceived and actual data and so points you receive can seem less than the activity shown on your wearable device. If you are concerned, please contact your institution administrator with full details of your issue. 


I would like to receive points that I did not receive 

If you have read the above and know that you logged a valid activity but did not receive points for this, you should contact your institution administrator to explain your situation. They may be able to help you, at their discretion. In order to provide them with the best information you can, you should:

  • Provide them with screenshots of the activity that you completed on your tracking device/app
  • Provide them with screenshots of the Moves+ app and explain when the points should have been awarded 
  • Explain to them in detail what you did and whether you attempted to manually sync the data
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