Intro to Public Groups, Private Groups & Goals

What are groups and how do I join them? 

Moves+ has two types of groups: Public Groups and Private Groups. 

Public groups are available for any user to join and will be advertised in your ‘Explore’ tab. You may join as many groups as you like although you will probably get the most out of joining groups that are best aligned to your interests. The public groups are created by your institution/company administrator and groups aim to bring together users of Moves into a community of people with similar interests. Within the group you can:  

  • View posts by the administrator about events or recommendations that are upcoming 
  • Participate in challenges that may be targeted to the group (e.g. an activity type)

Private groups are created by users. You can only join a private group if you have been invited to join by another user, or if you created the group yourself. To create a private group go to the group tab. To accept a group invite, view your ‘invites’ in your inbox.


What are private group goals? 

Once you have joined or created a private group you can participate in a group goal. The administrator (creator) of the group will need to select or create a goal for the group to participate in. Every member of the group will automatically work towards the goal. You can participate in as many group goals as you want to at one time (both within and across groups). 


Why would I join a group goal?

Research suggests that participating in activities with friends can help to improve your fitness and well-being  so what better way to start or continue your fitness journey than by contributing to a goal with a group of your friends?


What kind of goals can I join? 

There are a number of pre-created goals within the moves app across the different activity types. You are welcome to use any of these pre-set goals or you can create your own. To create your own simply decide on an activity type and a distance you want to achieve then set yourselves the target and good luck reaching the finishing line! 


Which activities will earn me progress towards the goal? 

Any activities that you have received points for will help progress you towards your goal. To see the list of activities that we will convert to points, see here. 


Do I receive bonus points for completing a goal? 

Competing and achieving a goal will not provide you with additional points. However, you will receive points for the activity that you do. For example, if the goal is to cycle 100 miles, you will receive all points as expected for your bike rides as you progress towards the goal. 


How do we contribute to the goal together?

Any member of the group will automatically contribute towards the group goal each time they log an activity of that type. For example, if you are in a walking challenge with a target of 50 miles, every time you or members of the group log steps, the progression towards the goal will increase. E.g. User 1 logs 10,000 steps on Day 1 and User 2 logs 5,000 steps on Day 1. The progression towards the goal will show 15,000 steps completed.  


Can I join more than one goal at a time? 

You can join goals of different activity types (e.g. 1 walking goal, 1 running goal, 1 cycling goal, 1 swimming goal). Some universities/institutions will allow you to sign up to multiple goals of the same type (e.g. 3 running goals). You can find out whether you can join more than one at a time when you login to the app.


How many Public Groups can an administrator create?

There is no limit to the number of groups you can create or the number

that users can join.


Can I create private groups?

No. Private groups are created only by users. You can delete and view

private groups from the ‘groups’ module.

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