Strava is a popular tracker for runners, cyclists and swimmers. Strava does not automatically track your steps, but if you track a walk or hike on Strava, Moves+ will estimate your steps taken. Garmin wearables can be connected to Strava to allow you to track your activity with Garmin


What does Strava Track?

  • Running 
  • Cycling 
  • Steps (Steps are estimated based on the distance you walk. Strava does not automatically track your steps)
  • Swimming 
Top Tips 
  1. You must start tracking an activity via the Strava App, it does not automatically track your activity.
  2. Strava measures your activity in distance using GPS. If GPS drops out during your activity Moves+ will be unable to process the activity successfully.
  3. Users who connect with Stava cannot manually ‘sync’ on Moves+. Your activity will be pulled through to Moves+ in the automatic sync which occurs nightly.

Turn on Account Sync

  1. Navigate to your phone settings 
  2. Find your Google Account Settings 
  3. Find account linked to Moves
  4. Turn on Sync


If you are concerned that you are not receiving points as expected, please read through the below and contact your university administrator for more guidance if required.

Currently, we can only provide points for running, cycling and swimming activities with a distance associated. If you have completed a stationary bike ride or run then you will not be awarded points for this activity. Read more about the activities we provide points for here. We do not provide points for manually added activities.

If you have another tracking app or wearable device connected with your Strava (e.g. Garmin) you may find that sometimes points are lost for genuine activities you have completed. Although we do facilitate the connection of third-party trackers, there can be problems pulling in the data from additional trackers. You may choose to connect a tracking app to Moves+ that does not have another tracker connected to help ensure points are not lost.


Additional support

Strava Help Centre

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