Intro to AUDDIS - Rejection

  • If the request to setup a Direct Debit instruction is rejected by the Customer’s bank the Bureau will provide a AUDDIS Advice report with the reasons for rejection 
  • Flow will process this rejection and update the Customer’s instruction and membership accordingly 


AUDDIS Rejections:

  1. Once your Bureau has provided you with an AUDDIS Advice report this can be imported into Flow via the AUDDIS Rejections sub-module within the Finance module 
  2. Note: this is typically an XML file, do not try to edit this raw file as it could result in corruption and the unsuccessful import of rejected records 

Import AUDDIS report:

  1. From the home page, go to the Finance Module
  2. Click on Direct Debit Instructions
  3. Click on AUDDIS rejections 
  4. The default tab is ‘In progress’ however you can navigate between successful processed rejections and those cancelled by other users  


Select AUDDIS advice file:

  1. Import the AUDDIS advice report – an XML file type
  2. Click ‘open’ against the file you wish to use, and click ‘import data’ 


View import in progress:

  1. The imported file will show key data, including matched records 
  2. The import can be cancelled if necessary 
  3. Admin can click to ‘view’ a breakdown of the records included in the file 


View records in AUDDIS rejection:

  1. On viewing the records included in the file, admin can click ‘view customer’ if needed for further investigation 
  2. The rejection code and description is shown for reference 
  3. As the import is still ‘in progress’ it can be cancelled 


Process AUDDIS advice report:

  1. The file must then be processed to ensure the customer’s BACS codes are updated accordingly 


Customer instruction updated:

  1. Once the file has been processed, administrators can spot-check customer records detailed in the rejected list 
  2. Customer’s instructions will update accordingly based on the rejection code
  3. Any membership associated with the instruction will change to a ‘pending’ status. 
  4. If the instruction is unresolved with the customer, the membership will become ‘cancelled’ if there is no valid payment method when a collection is attempted at their next collection


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