Intro Direct Debit Collection (Payment Collections)

  • A collection file is generated in Flow that includes all collections specified in a date range 
  • Flow will provide a file to be submitted to the Bureau to attempt collection through BACS 
  • Once the file is marked as complete the collection is assumed to be successful until any rejections are provided through the ARRUD process 


Prepare a collection file:

  1. From the home page, go to the Finance Module.
  2. Go to the ‘Payment Collections’ sub-module within Finance
  3. Click on 'Initiate Payment Collection'
  4. Select 'DD Collection'
  5. Select Single Day Collection or Choose Date Range
    Screenshot_2023-05-23_at_11.02.16.png Screenshot_2023-05-23_at_11.02.28.png
  6. Click ‘prepare data’ to display a list of records for collection 


View pending collection values:

  1. The collection now has a status of ‘pending’ to allow administrators to scrutinise the values generated
  2. Each row in the ‘preview data’ table shows a breakdown of total instructions, collectables and values by each facility 
  3. Total amounts are displayed for all values 
  4. The collection can be cancelled, or the admin can proceed to ‘Generate the payment file’ 


Generate the payment file:

  1. Once the file has been generated it can be reviewed if necessary (click on 'view).
  2. Note: do not edit the file or make any changes, this will corrupt the file and will result in failed collections
  3. If happy, click on 'Download Payment File'
  4. On file generation a new button will appear to ‘Mark as Completed’ 
  5. Until the collection is marked as completed it can still be cancelled 
  6. The payment collection file is then submitted to the Bureau for processing 


Mark the payment collection complete:

  1. Once the collection file is processed by the Bureau a receipt number / reference is provided 
  2. This receipt number can be entered on Flow when marking the collection as complete 
  3. Flow assumes that all collections at the point of completion were successful, updating the Customer’s instruction accordingly 
  4. If any collections are unsuccessful, these are picked up through the ARRUD report 


Customer instruction updated to '17':

  1. Once the payment collection is marked as completed the customer record is updated accordingly
  2. In the case of a customer with a BACS code of ‘01 – First Collection’ their code is changed to ‘17 – Ongoing Collection’
  3. For Customers included in the collection have already been collected against, their code will remain ‘17 – Ongoing Collection’ 
  4. Membership statuses will remain ‘active’ 


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