How to process Direct Debit instructions?



In this guide, we will show you how to initiate your AUDDIS Files.



Step by Step Guide


Initiate AUDDIS:

  1. From the home page, go to the Finance module
  2. Go to ‘Direct Debit Instructions’

  3. Click on AUDDIS FILES

  4. Click ‘Initiate AUDDIS Process’


  5. Note: if there are no new instructions to process a notification will be displayed 


View new instructions:

  1. A list of customers and their instructions are displayed 
  2. At this point the instructions are ‘pending’ and can be cancelled if necessary  
  3. The customer record can be checked if necessary 
  4. Instructions can be filtered or searched as appropriate 


Customer instruction status:

  1. Before generating the AUDDIS file, staff can check the customer record 
  2. All customers included will have a BACS code of ‘ON’ designating the status of ‘New Instruction’ 
  3. BACS code will be updated to 01 ‘First Collection’ once the AUDDIS file is generated and marked as complete 


View customer membership status:

  1. Before generating the AUDDIS file, staff can check the customer’s membership status
  2. If the customer has yet to have an instruction setup on their account, their new membership status will be ‘pending’ until the AUDDIS is marked as complete
  3. Note: for customers who have an active instruction (BACS Code 17) any new memberships will go immediately to ‘Active’ on the payment of any upfront pro-rata and joining fees 


Download AUDDIS for submission to Bureau:

  1. Click ‘Download AUDDIS File’ to generate the file to submit to your Bureau 
  2. The file can be opened, and spot checked to ensure the customer record is included 
  3. The file can now be submitted to the Bureau for processing 
  4. Note: do not edit the file, this will lead to corruption


Mark AUDDIS as complete:

  1. On submitting your AUDDIS file to your Bureau you should receive a receipt or reference number as a record of submission 
  2. On Flow you can now mark the AUDDIS file as complete, and enter the receipt / reference number from your Bureau
  3. Marking the file as ‘Complete’ is essential for updating the instruction of the customers in the file 
  4. The AUDDIS process is now marked as complete 


You will see a pop up message on the top right corner to confirm its completion.


Customer billing is updated to '01':

  1. Once the AUDDIS file has been marked as complete the instruction on the customer’s account is updated to ’01 – First Collection’
  2. Note: Flow will update all records in the AUDDIS file to 01 until there is any rejections found within the AUDDIS Advice Report  


Customer's membership becomes active:

  1. Once the AUDDIS is marked as complete and the Customer’s BACS code is updated to 01 and their membership status is updated to ‘Active’.
  2. Now the membership is active, key features are enabled, such as cancelling and freezing that membership




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