How to spot Unmatched records?

  1. Flow matches all imported records through the AUDDIS Advice, ARRUD and ADDACS through the unique reference on the instruction 
  2. If there are any discrepancies between the customer record, say the name, and the name on the instruction there is no need to manually match them 
  3. Highlighted, for example ‘Wrong Name’ from the ARRUD report still matches against a customer
  4. Clicking on ‘View Customer’ will take you to the customer record even if the name does not correctly match  


  1. On clicking ‘view customer’ it is shown that ‘Wrong Name’ as detailed in the ARRUD import is for the customer ‘Tony Terry’
  2. As the reference number on the instruction will always be unique, Flow will match against this to avoid any need to search and manually match records 


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