How to apply a membership freeze?



This guide will show you how to apply a membership Freeze to a customer's membership. the Freeze is puts a hold on a membership for a temporary period of time for various reasons, such as injury.

Video walkthrough

Step by step guide

  1. Search the customer who requested the Freeze on their membership.

  2. Select the membership tab.


  3. Select the Apply New Freeze button.

  4. Fill in the required fields:Membership, choose the membership the customer would like to freeze

  •  Membership: choose the membership the customer would like to freeze
  • Freeze: Choose the freeze type in relation to the reason for the freeze. Learn more Create a membership Freeze
  • Start date: choose the date the freeze starts
  • Months: choose the duration of the freeze. Some freeze may have restrictions on the duration, in this example a religious freeze can be for a maximum of 2 month only.

6. Select the "Apply' button to apply the freeze


If you want to unfreeze a customer membership, go to the customer account. Click on the Membership Tab, scroll down to the Freeze section and click on 'Remove'.



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