How to approve an Eligibility Document once it has been uploaded?


This guide will show you how to accept or decline an eligibility document. This is a manual process. Therefore, a staff member has to check the documents and approve it before the customer's membership status moves from the 'pending' status to 'active'.


Step by step guide


  1. From the home page, select the ‘Membership’ module


  2. Select the ‘Eligibility Management’ button


  3. Select the ‘Eligibility approval’ button


  4. On the pending tab, search for the customer using their name, email or reference number.


  5. Once you’ve located the customer, select the ‘click to view’ button located on the right hand side of the page to view the documentation.

  6. Select the Reject or Approve the documentation. When the reject button is selected, you can choose a reason for rejection, which will automatically be sent to the customer explaining why the document was rejected

    If you wish to create a New Rejection Reason, please go to Eligibility - Rejection Reason

7. Once you reject or approve the document, the document will go in the approved or rejected tab so it can easily be located based on its status.


Please note: You can also upload a proof document on behalf of a customer from FOH or simply approve a physical proof document at FOH.

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