How to create a Closure (Resource or Facility)?


In this guide, we will show you how to manage the temporary closures of facility resources or for an entire facility. For instance, if a certain area of a centre is closed for refurbishment, you may want to close it (which will automatically cancel any activities and bookings). 


Step by step guide


1. From the home page, go to the Front of House module.


2. Go to Closures


3. Select the facility you wish to create a new closure for


4. Click on Create New Closure



5. Fill in the details

Note: For the location(s) you can add multiple resources to the same closure. Or you can select the Facility itself, which will close all the resources under that Facility.

a) Closure Reason

b) Details - the content here will be included in booking cancellation emails sent to the customer

c) Location(s)

d) Click on Create Draft Closure

6. If happy with the details, click on 'Add Closure Period' on the top right corner. Otherwise, click on 'Delete Closure' and start again.


7. Fill in details

a) Closure Start Date

b) Start Time

c) Closure End Date

d) End Time

e) Tick/Untick Create separate closures entries for each day as desired

f) Click on Add Closure Period again


8. This will display any activity schedules & any bookings affected by the closure.

Note: If a customer has a booking, they will be notified that it has been cancelled due a closure.


9. You will then have the option to delete the closure or publish it. If happy to publish, click on Publish Closure. You will be prompted to confirm. Click ok if you wish to proceed.



10. You can now click on Publish Changes on the bottom right corner



11. Click OK to confirm


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