How to Export/Import Memberships Fees?


In this guide, we will show you how to import and export Membership fees for certain members. For example, you may want to update the Membership fees for customers within a particular centre if what they originally purchased has changed and they should be charged a different fee to everyone else on that membership type.


Step by step guide

  • Export Fees

1. From the home page, go to the Memberships Module



2. Go to Export/Import Fees


3. Go to Export Fees


4. Select the venue you wish to Export the Membership fees for and click Export


This will download a CSV file that looks like this



  • Import Membership Fees

1. From the home page, go to the Memberships Module



2. Go to Export/Import Fees


3. Go to Import Fees


4. Click on Choose file on the top right corner under Select File, choose the desired earliest applicable date via the Start Date calendar widget and click on Import. The date must be at least 10 working days in the future.

N.B: Please ensure that your CSV File has the correct headers as instructed on the left and that all the details and values are correct. You can also use the you download from the Export Fees page as it will have the same headers. Enter the new fees in the Adjusted cycle fee Column.

If you don't enter a value in the adjusted cycle fee column, FLOW will look for the value in the proposed cycle fee column which reflects any new prices you may have for that membership.

If you do not wish to update a particular customer membership fee, either remove the row from the spreadsheet or remove the value from the proposed cycle fee (and leave the adjusted cycle fee cell blank also).



5. Click on the in progress tab. The import will then disappear and move to the Completed column once finished. The most recent one will always appear on top. You can click on View to see the detailed actions.



Now if you go to the customers account and go to their billing tab, you will see the new amount on the next collection date after the Start Date chosen in the Importer.

For example, the highlighted user in the CSV file below:


You can now see the next payment has been updated

















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