How to create Custom Questions (Memberships)?


In this guide, we will show you how to create a New Custom Question for Memberships. For example, for a Student Membership type, you may want to know which University they are studying at or what their Student ID number is.

The custom question is applied to both online and offline membership purchase.


Video walk through 

Step by Step guide

1. From the home page, go to the Memberships Module.

2. Go to Custom Questions.


3. Click on 'Create a New Custom Question'.

1. Select the desired type.


a) Short Text

A normal text field for customers to type a short answer, usually one or two words.

b) Long Text

A larger text field for when customers may need to type out full sentences or a longer response.

c) Numeric

A text field for customers to type an amount or number response.

d) Select

Customers will be able to select a single answer from the options you provide.

e) Multi Select

Customers will be able to select multiple answers from the options you provide.

f) Date

Customers will be able to select a date in a DD-MM-YYYY format.

g) Checkbox 

A simple checkbox field.


Each need to be filled with the following:

- Question

- Internal Reference (Optional)

- Answers (For Select, Multi Select and Check Box only)


Once filled in, click on Save Question. Your next step is to add this custom question to your membership type. 


Existing custom question

You can View/Edit Existing Custom questions


2. You can search for an existing question by typing a key word in the search tab or click on Edit on any of the custom questions you wish to modify.



2. Once you have created your questions, you will need to add them to a membership group.

A)From the home page, go to Memberships


B) go to Membership Groups


Select the Group you wish to add the custom question to and click on edit on the righthand side


(If you haven't created a membership group yet, please check out our article Create a new membership group)

C) Click on the Questions Tab


D) You will first need to add a new section if you don't already have one.


E) Enter the name you wish to give it. For example, Student Questionnaire and click on Save Question.



F) From here, you can either add existing Membership question you previously created (or create a new one.)


G) Click on Add Membership Questions.

Tick the question you wish to add and click on Add Selected Question.

H) Choose whether you want to make these Custom Questions 'Required' at the point of Membership Purchase


Where can we find the customer's answers to custom questions?

1. Locate the customers account 

2. Go the the 'memberships' tab 

3. Select the 'three dots menu' under 'Actions'


4. Select 'view details'


5. View Answer



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