How to create a Resource Tag?


This guide will show you how to Manage and Create New Resource Tags. For Example, you may want to have a tag grouping all the Swimming Pool resources (i.e. Lane 1, Lane 2) and call it Pool so that you can view all schedules in the Facility calendar on any swimming pool resources across an entire facility.


Step by step guide

1. From the home page, go to the Facilities Module



2. Go to Resource Tags


3. Click on 'Create New Resource Tag'


4. Enter the name and click on Create.



5. Once created, add the tags to the Facility Resources.

A) From the Facilities module, Scroll down to Manage Facilities


B) Select the Facility in which the Resource you wish to add the Resource Tag to  is and click on Edit.


C) From the Facility page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Resource Tab.

If you have not created a Facility resource yet, please refer to Create a new facility resource


D) Once you have selected the resource you wish to add the tag to, click on Edit on the right hand side.

E) From the scroll down menu, select the tag you wish to add click on Save.



The above can be useful in the Facility calendar in the Front of House module. You can filter the resources by tag. For example, instead of manually choosing a particular swimming pool, you can tag them all as Swimming Pool.



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