How to cancel a membership for a customer?


Customers are able to cancel their membership at anytime, using various methods. You will need to have a clear membership Terms and Conditions that highlights the rules for membership cancellation. 

Customers can (Membership cancellation settings permitting) cancel their membership online but they might be required to contact your Front of house in order to do so.

In this guide, we will show you how customers cancel their membership online and how you can cancel it for them.

Step by Step Guide

Online Cancellation

1. Customer goes to your online join website and click on 'Login'. 


2. Customer goes to their 'My Account' tab.


3. Customer clicks on the 'Memberships' tab.


4. Customer searches for the membership they wish to cancel and clicks on 'Manage Membership


5. Customer selects 'Cancel Membership'.


6. Customer clicks on 'Continue'


Walkthrough Video



Cancel membership on behalf of a customer.

If you have 'Allow Online Membership Cancellation' set to 'No' or a customer simply needs assistance cancelling their membership, you can do this from the Front of House or Customers module.


Steps to cancel membership on behalf of a customer 

1.  Search for the customer

2. Go to their 'Membership' tab 

4. Select the 'Cancel' button 

5. Choose cancellation date & reason and click on 'Continue'.
Please note: You can choose to cancel up to 3 months in advance. For fixed membership, you can cancel anytime effective immediately, however for recurring memberships, the first available date to cancel will depend on your 'Notice period for cancellation of ongoing memberships' setting.

If the customer owes any penalties, you will be prompted to pay them now or ignore them.


6. Click on 'Cancel Membership'.



Video Walkthrough




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