How to create and send push App Notifications?


In this guide, we will show you how to create and send push notifications to keep your users engaged with the app. 

Send push notifications to engage directly with your audience. Communicate new rewards,

latest news, and marketing messages to your community.



Step by Step Guide

1. From the home go to the Moves Module


2. Go to App Notifications


3. Click on Create new notification


4. Fill in the details

- Enter a Title for the message.

- Add the message to the Body (simple) - max 255 characters.

- Copy the Body (simple) message to the Body (full) text box, or create a new message (max 1024 characters).

- Click ‘Send’.

The text used in the body (simple) text box will appear on the push notification


• The text used in the body (full) text box will appear within the inbox and can

include markdown features (bold, italics, pictures and links).

• You can choose to use different text in these boxes although it’s common to use

the same content.

Once you click send, the message will go out to all users.



Text formatting: Markdown

You can use markdown features for:

• Group/Challenge/Reward descriptions.

• Group posts.

• Terms of service (in settings).

• Push notifications.

Markdown features include:

• Bold.

• Italics.

• Strikethrough.

• Headers.

• Links - you must include the full web-address for the link to show (e.g., you can test the

link works before you save (just use the 'preview' icon and click the link).

• Pictures - these will render across the full width of the user's phone screen if you use (500X333 or bigger) if you use a

smaller image, it will appear smaller on the phones.

Anywhere that you see body (simple) the text will appear as normal for users. Anywhere you see body (full) it will appear with markdown if you have used markdown features.

You are recommended to use the ‘eye’ icon to preview how text will appear on the app before saving.


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