Intro to Badges


In this guide, we will help you understand & manage badges.. 

Badges are awarded to users who have completed certain milestones

• Badges encourage positive behaviours.

• Badges are awarded for a variety of milestones achieved whilst using the app.

• Badges are visible on a user’s profile and are visible to others.

• Badges can be awarded multiple times for continuous activity (e.g. Streak badge) or as a one-time only event (e.g. Mover badge).




Step By Step Guide

1. From the home page, go to the Moves Module


2. Go to Badges



Badge types

Mover: Awarded when a user tracks activity on their account for the first time

Spender: Awarded when a user redeems a reward for the first time

Streak: Awarded every time a user logs three days of consecutive activity

Daily Record: Awarded every time a user logs more points within 24hrs than previously done before

Perfect Week: Awarded every time a user logs activity for a full week (Saturday - Sunday)

Millionaire: Awarded every time a user logs 1 million steps on the platform (awarded again at 2m, 3m, etc.)

Veteran: Awarded every time a user earns 100,000 points (awarded again at

200,000, 300,000, etc.)

Awarded badges appear on a user’s home page in your university colours, deactivated badges will appear in greyscale.


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