Moves+ Release Notes 4.0


Release Date  5th December 2023



This release brings several UI changes with the aim of improving UX of the app following client feedback, along with a change to the size of the client logo. There is also new functionality for leaderboards, the ability to configure to kilometres as a distance and improvements for tracker syncing.


UI Changes & New Leaderboard Functionality

In summary, we have re-designed Moves+ based on some key feedback, ensuring to improvement of the UX. All users when they update their app will receive a ‘walk through’ of the changes. Users will either have the app updated automatically if they have opted to do so or they will need to update the app directly. We recommend on the 5th December clients send out a push notification to advise users to update their Moves+ app if it is not set to auto-update. 


Untitled (4).png

Below is a list of all the re-design changes and clarification on any areas that have remained the same:



  • Shows your total points (top requested)
  • Today’s summary stays the same
  • Your older activity is now a click away
  • Active and completed challenges are shown
  • Directly access your inbox from the home screen


  • New visual cards to show:
    • Groups
    • Challenges
    • Leaderboard
    • Friends
  • Activity feed remains
  • Challenges & Groups are the same, but with a new design.


  • The leaderboard has new functionality, users will be able to revisit previous months to view how they did
  • The leaderboard now refreshes every two hours (between 7 am-11 pm) for more up-to-date stats


  • Badges are default icons across all client environments.
  • These new default badges will automatically inherit a client's two brand colours from within the configuration. Examples below with OpenPlay branding.

File (1).jpg.                             File.jpg



Tracker Syncing Improvements

Resource was allocated to focus on tracker errors, especially with Google Fit, where most of our users have the most frustration with inaccurate data. Improvements have been made for Release 4.0 that should improve the data quality, and handle any errors more gracefully. 

  • The logic behind the type of tracker connection issue that triggers a push notification to the user to notify them of the issue has been updated to send more instances of tracker connection issues. 
  • Have also changed the last synced logic to better ensure we are capturing accurate data from the tracker

Client Logo Format Change

This release brings a change to the sizing of client logos within the 'Choose your Organisation' screen. The new sizing is 120px x 120px. Clients will need to update their logos on Tuesday 5th December to accommodate the resizing for this release.

Please see an example below:

New Logo (2).png

This change can be done by an admin via System Configuration -> Settings -> Manage Setting -> Search by setting name Logo: Select your institution -> Select Edit -> Upload the new logo and Save. If you require any support in making these changes please raise a ticket with our Customer Support Team via this link and selecting Moves as shown below.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 17.03.00.png

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