Intro to Challenges

What are challenges and how do I join them? 

Your institution administrator will create challenges and post them on the app. Challenges can either be attached to a public group (you must be a group member to join) or are global challenges for anyone to join. Challenges exist for each of the activity types and you are awarded points when you complete the challenge. The number of points you are awarded is unique to each challenge and can be viewed on the challenge page. 


What happens if I complete a challenge? 

When you join a challenge you will see your progress towards that challenge. When you have completed all progress towards the challenge, you will receive a push notification informing you that you have completed the challenge and you will receive the bonus points for completing the challenge once you sync your data. Challenge points are also shown on the ‘recent activity’ page. 


How many points will I get for a challenge? 

You will receive bonus points for completing a challenge, these are determined by the university administrator and the number of points can be found on the challenge page. The more difficult the challenge is, the more points you will win. 

Alongside the bonus points for a challenge, you will also receive points for the activity that you do. For example, if you compete in a 5 mile running challenge, you will be awarded points as normal for all the runs that you log whilst competing in the challenge. When you have reached the target of 5 miles, you will also be awarded bonus points (the number is specified on the challenge page) which will add to your total lifetime points. 


When will I receive points for a completed challenge? 

Once you have completed the required distance for your challenge and your Moves+ app has updated, you will receive points for the challenge. Your Moves+ app may update via a manual sync or via the nightly sync. 


What if I don’t complete the challenge before it expires?

All challenges have a start and end date. You cannot join a challenge before it starts although you may be able to view the challenge. If you do not complete a challenge before the challenge expires, you will not receive bonus points for the challenge. Be sure to check the end date to complete it in time! 


How many challenges can I join? 

You can join one challenge of each activity type at a time. For example, you may join 1 walking challenge, 1 running challenge, 1 cycling challenge and a swimming challenge but not 2 walking challenges at one time. This is because your daily activity can only contribute towards one challenge at a time. If you wish to change the challenge that you are participating in you can leave the challenge and join another of that activity type. If you have completed a challenge you will be able to join another challenge of that activity type. 


Can I leave a challenge? 

Yes, you can leave a challenge by going to the challenge page and clicking ‘Leave’. Be aware that if you leave a challenge you will lose your progress towards the challenge and you will not receive bonus points. If you have completed a challenge there is no need to leave the challenge. 

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