How Do I Redeem a Reward?

How do I redeem a reward?

You can go to the rewards tab in the app and view a list of rewards that are available to redeem. You can only redeem rewards if:

  • You have enough points 
  • The reward is active (some may be expired or not yet activated) 
  • The reward is in stock 
  • You have not already redeemed the maximum number of that reward 
Which rewards can be redeemed in a limited number of times? 

Some rewards will have a limit on the number of times that you can redeem them. These rewards are clearly labelled and you can view the number of times that you’re able to redeem them within the app.


What is a merchant claim reward and how do I redeem this?  

A merchant claim reward will allow you to redeem the reward once you are at the shop/point of sale. The merchant (e.g. shop assistant) will ask to view your phone when you are prompted and they will verify that the reward is available for you to redeem and mark this on your app. You will then see a reduction in your overall points and be eligible to redeem your reward. 


What is a discount code reward and how do I redeem this? 

A discount code reward allows you to redeem a reward using a code and so you do not necessarily need to be in a shop at the time of redemption (like you do with a merchant claim). The code will appear on your phone for a limited amount of time so make sure that you make a note of the code. You can then enter this code on a website or provide it to a shop assistant, whichever is required. The code is unique and can only be used once so do not attempt to share the code with friends.

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