How to raise Support Tickets on Zendesk


Please note that our Support Opening Hours are Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) from 9 am to 5.30 pm.
We also have a support line during our business hours. The number is 01582 377 862.

Please note that troubleshooting issues are generally not considered to be a bug and you should try to resolve these internally where possible.

We will determine the priority of each ticket and either add the ticket to the current or next  Sprint if required or backlogged if not urgent.

We will estimate when any relevant fixes will be deployed to the live database and/or app environments and update all tickets with this information.


How to choose the correct Priority?


Priority Description SLA

The system is completely down and the client is unable to access any system feature

with no manual workaround possible and

this affects the whole organisation.

Meaningful response to the incident in under 30 minutes.


A major component of the Client’s ability to

operate is affected. Some aspects of the

business can continue but it is a major


Meaningful response to the incident in under 60 business minutes


The Client's core business is unaffected, but

the issue is affecting efficient operation by

2 or more people. There are clear

workarounds possible

Meaningful response to the incident in under 4 business hours

Low Issue affecting one customer or less. Admin/Data Request Meaningful response within 8 business hours

A request for a change or new system

functionality, that was not part of

agreed on the initial system scope.

Meaningful response to the incident in under 24 business hours from our Client Success Executive.

Will be added to our Task Requests board and actioned when time permits if agreed upon.

Select the correct form: FLOW or Moves


What to include when raising a support ticket

If raising a FLOW ticket, please refer to this Article.

If raising a Moves + ticket, please refer to this Article.




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