What do the Zendesk Ticket statuses mean?


When you raise a Support Ticket on Zendesk, the subsequent actions will determine the status of your Zendesk Ticket, providing insight into its progress.


Please find below the different statuses and what they mean.


Status Description
New Your Ticket has been created and received but not yet assigned.
Open Your ticket/email has been opened/read.
Pending We are awaiting a response from you on the ticket.
Development Log The ticket has been added to our development log but has not yet been worked on.
Technical Investigation The ticket is under technical investigation.
Monitoring We can't replicate the issue. The team will monitor the issue and look for the reoccurrence of the problem.
Task Request The Support team have passed this to the Client Success Team.
Archived The ticket has been archived as it is no longer relevant.
Solved The ticket has been resolved but you can still reopen it.
Closed The ticket has been resolved and you can no longer reopen it.
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