What information to include when raising an issue with FLOW


Depending on the query or issue raised, to assist you efficiently and promptly, we need as much information as possible. Links and screenshots are incredibly useful.


If you have a 'How to Query'.


The first thing we would advise that you first check our Knowledge Base where you can find numerous user guides now how to use the system efficiently. However, whilst we do try to cover as many scenarios as possible, it is possible that you may still require assistance from our Support team and we are here to help.

These tickets can be dealt with and resolved quickly as long as all the necessary information is provided. The details below are very helpful as they allow the support team to have a greater understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

Describe Your Objective: Please provide a detailed description of what you are trying to achieve. The more information you can give us, the better we can assist you.

Steps Taken So Far: Let us know the steps you have already taken to address your issue or query. This will help us avoid suggesting solutions you've already tried.

Any Error Messages or Issues: If you've encountered any error messages or specific issues, please provide those details. This will help us pinpoint the problem more accurately.


If raising a bug (FLOW is not functioning as intended):


Bug Description: Please provide a detailed description of the issue you encountered. Be as specific as possible, including the steps you took to encounter the bug and any error messages or unexpected behaviours you observed.

Please ensure you provide adequate detail of the problem including user ID, Username, URL Links and dated screenshotsTo investigate further, our team will need to replicate the issue so the more detail you can provide, the better


Operating System and Browser Information: Specify the operating system (e.g., Windows 10, macOS) and the web browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari) you were using when you encountered the bug.


Screenshot or Screen Recording (if possible): If you can capture a screenshot or record a video that illustrates the issue, it would be incredibly helpful. Please attach or provide a link to these media files.


Frequency and Reproduction Steps: Tell us how often the issue occurs and if it's consistent. Provide step-by-step instructions for reproducing the bug, if possible.


Any Recent Changes or Updates: Let us know if you recently made any changes to your system, installed updates, or modified your settings. This information can help pinpoint the cause of the problem.


Timestamp of error message encountered (if applicable)

You can reply directly to this email with the requested information, and our team will start investigating the issue promptly. Your cooperation is crucial in ensuring a speedy resolution.


Depending on the. module/area you are having issues with, the following additional information is often necessary to help us investigate further.


Customer Account Related issues:

  • Link to the Customer Record
  • Screenshot of the issue/error message


Membership Related Issues:

  • Link to the Membership Type
  • Link to the Pricing Option related to the Membership

Activityy Related Issues

  • Link to the Activity Template
  • Link to the Activity Schedule
  • Link to the Pricing Option

Till/Shift Issues

  • Link to the Till/Shift
  • Screenshot of the issue reported/error message if any

Pricing Issues

  • Link to the Pricing Option
  • Specify which setting group/facility the price is on if not Global

Reporting/Data Source Issues

  • Link to the report/data source
  • Screenshot of the issue/error reported

Settings Issues

  • Link to the setting

Staff/Security Role Issues

  • Link to the Staff Member/ Security Role

Email Templates/Notifications

  • Link to the Email notification 

Access Control Issues

  • Link to the Customer Record
  • Link to the Pricing Option
  • Link to the Membership Type/ Group
  • Link to the Time Band
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