Intro to Trackers & Wearables

Which trackers can I connect to Moves+? 

Moves+ can directly connect with the following trackers and wearable devices:

  • Apple Health (iOS devices only) – no wearable device required.
  • Google Fit – no wearable device required.
  • Strava – no wearable device required. App is recommended for cyclists and runners.
  • Fitbit – you will need to purchase a Fitbit wearable device, we recommend the Fitbit Charge 3 or above. This tracker is recommended for swimmers.
  • Withings (Health Mate app) – you will need to purchase a Withings wearable device. 
  • Garmin - You will need to purchase a Garmin wearable device.

There are more details within the app about the benefits of each of these tracking apps so you can choose the right connection for you. Visit the ‘My tracker’ section within the profile page. 


How many trackers can I connect at one time? 

You can only connect one tracker at a time.

If you have two trackers or apps downloaded on your phone, e.g. a Fitbit wearable and Google Fit app, we recommend that use one tracker/wearable with Moves+; there is no need to attach Fitbit to Google Fit and Google Fit to Moves+, for example. 

Remember that you will need to connect one of the above trackers to your Moves account to earn points. If you are experiencing problems with any connections, please view our troubleshooting advice page. 


What if I have a tracker or device that doesn’t link directly to Moves+? 

It is possible to connect most other trackers/apps to Moves+ via one of the above trackers but this could lead to activity discrepancies, so we recommend connecting trackers directly to Moves+ as this way we are more easily able to convert your activity data into points. 

Therefore, we would recommend that you download Google Fit or Apple Health and attach those to Moves+ rather than using an unsupported tracker where possible. 


Can I use Health Sync to connect Samsung Health to Moves+?

Health sync is commonly used to connect Samsung Health to Moves+ - unfortunately due to known issues with the Health Sync app we recommend these users to download Google Fit or Apple Health and connect directly to Moves+ that way.

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