1.41.0 Release Notes


Estimated Release Date

21st June 2023

Estimated Release Time


Expected Downtime

No expected downtime



The team focused on key operational and performance improvements during this development period, along with the work required to consolidate our product roadmap. 


Key defects

Along with the above, the following key defects were worked on and improvements to these issues are scheduled as part of this release.

  • When a freeze request was rejected the membership status remained on frozen incorrectly in some reported cases.
  • User Permissions for FOH not applying correctly. Staff were still able to see facilities in scheduling that they had no access to as part of their access role. 
  • Eligibility uploaded and approved but customers account still warns of expiry in some reported cases. Logic change to prevent confusion when customer has had their eligibility approved, yet the notification showed it was still due to expire.


  • Investigate the ability to acknowledge any refunds completed in GoCardless to reflect in the billing in Flow. If affective we will implement the prototype in the next release.
  • Optimise the locking of datasources to prevent timeouts and errors when running reports
  • Completed a number of redaction requests
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