1.42.0 Release Notes

Estimated Release Date

12th July 2023

Estimated Release Time


Expected Downtime

No expected downtime



Release 1.42.0 includes updates to the activities module and work on Flow Connect for the Verifone Integration. We have also prototyped a customer delete functionality to allow admins to complete a GDPR redaction. This needs further enhancement before being production ready, but we are anticipation this to be usable in 1.43.0.

We also achieved a number of reporting enhancements for the following DataSources: Aged Debtors, Memberships and Customer reports. The release also includes bug fixes for activities, and a key hot-fix for duplicate entries showing in the Income Report.




The main focus for the activities module was developing and using the A/B clash detection feature which has been able to report on any differences in activity schedules before and after changes to the logic. This has helped to verify whether we could proceed with making changes without causing any problems to the existing schedules.

Key achievements:

  • Discovering and fixing an issue whereby clash detection wouldn’t take into account any activities created overnight with a start date prior the start date of the newly created activity. Fixing this prevents any future unwanted overlapping schedules from being created.


  • Ad Hoc Badminton Activity is being created 45 days in the future
  • Block Booking schedule which has a start date 40 days in the future, will be discounted for clash detection
  • Deleting identified unwanted overlaps (without any bookings)
  • Refactoring changes to prevent ticket or custom question issues



Flow Connect

The team also spent time getting acquainted with the development environment for Flow Connect, and added the current version number of the Flow Connect application in the UI to help staff members report issues, and ultimately to help us debug them. This work is to compliment the Verifone Integration. 



Customer Delete (GDPR)

We have developed a prototype which enables BOH/FOH staff to delete a customer record themselves, without having to request we do it. The prototype was a success, however we discovered a number of additional areas that would need to be redacted to make this feature compliant. Therefore we will aim to have this working for clients in release 1.43.0


Feature Details

  • Staff permission under the ‘customers’ module will enable a trusted member of staff to make the customer delete.
  • The delete can be made from the ‘personal details’ tab on the customers account
  • Flow will prevent the record deletion if:
    • Any active ongoing memberships
    • Any active ongoing joint memberships
    • The customer has any upcoming bookings
    • The customer has any penalties due

Next Steps:

We need to include three additional areas in the redaction process, before this is production ready:

  1. Delete, if applicable, any eligibility documents that the customer may have uploaded
  2. Delete, if applicable, any freeze documents that the customer may have uploaded
  3. Delete, if applicable, any profile photos



Reporting Enhancements


Membership Datasource

The billing frequency was updated to include:

  • Pay in Full
  • Recurring Monthly
  • Recurring Annually

It was also updated to show the fixed fee amount, the new data is shown below 


Active Direct Debit Mandate

The BACS reference column found in Membership Datasource will return the BACS reference for when there is an active mandate. The BACS reference has now also been added to the Customer Datasource.


Aged Debtors Enhancements

The following data has been added to the Aged Debtor report:

  • Introduce a “raised_by_id” column which would hold
    • The booking ID for penalties
  • Introduce a “raised_by_type” column which would hold
    • “booking” for Penalties
    • “membership_payment” for Memberships



Key defects

  • Setting restriction to view roster not applying.
  • Templates clashing with same schedule
  • Unable to add a fixed membership to a customer account


  • Duplicate entries in Income Report
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