1.44.0 Release Notes

Estimated Release Date

23rd August 2023

Estimated Release Time


Expected Downtime

No expected downtime




Within this development period our team was focussed on some large onboarding projects, including technical improvements to our internal customer import application, as well as laying the key technical groundwork for the ability to change home centre memberships. This has been identified as a priority and which is on track for release in 1.45.0.

In other areas the work was completed to bring Flow Connect, our PDQ integration application, to the multi-client environment. 



Flow Connect - Multi-Client

The team has made further progress in making Flow Connect for Verifone available in the multi-client environment. Currently the use of Flow Connect with Verifone supports the V200C and V240M devices.

Documentation of the following steps is now available for clients when enabling Flow Connect:

  • Setup and use Flow Connect
  • Configure Flow to accept the new Verifone Devices
  • Take Payments
  • Issue Refunds

Please discuss with your Client Success Executive to initiate the project of installing Flow Connect and we will support you through the process and provide the appropriate documentation and bespoke training guidance for a successful rollout.


Other Tasks

  • Exploratory work undertaken to document our current access control solution to help with future plans and iterations. 
  • Work to improve the matching of mandates for future customer imports.
  • Removal of a redundant column for creating instructions through the customer import process.
  • UI cleanup from pricing options (Swipe & Ticketing) to remove these legacy pricing option types.




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