1.46.0 Release Notes


Estimated Release Date

4th October 2023

Estimated Release Time


Expected Downtime

No expected downtime



The main focus of this release was working on membership enhancements, in particular, we updated the UX around applying and removing freeze requests and additional updates around eligibility documents, along with several bugs and task tickets.


Eligibility Updates

Front-of-house staff can now approve an eligibility document on the new manage membership card design. We added this so that in the circumstance a customer arrives at the centre with their physical eligibility a staff member can check it and approve this there and then without the need of uploading a document. This can be turned on and off for user types depending on which user you want to have this functionality.

How do I turn on FOH approval via the Customer module for eligibility documents?

Log in > System Configuration > Security > Click user type you want to edit > Memberships > Find Eligibility management > Tick ‘Approve eligibility documents via FOH’


How do I approve an eligibility document seen in person for a membership?

Search for the customer > view profile > Manage membership > Approve eligibility document

Select the document type and date > Approve eligibility

In this release, we also updated the UX for Freeze/unfreezing memberships to the new membership card design that we implemented in our last release (1.45.0). Front-of-house staff can approve eligibility documents and manage customers’ membership by freezing with/without a supporting document intuitively by managing their membership on the customer's profile. Front-of-house staff will also be able to view the design update for the status history of a membership which shows pending, active, frozen, and expired all the states of their membership history.

Applying and Removing a Freeze Request

Front-of-house staff can now approve eligibility documents and manage customers’ membership by freezing with/without a supporting document in an intuitive way. 

How do I freeze a membership?

Go to the customer's profile > manage membership > Freeze membership

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 10.14.49.png

The below screenshot shows what a freeze would look like that requires a supporting document uploading.

Note: A membership can be frozen without the need for a supporting document, the dates of the freeze request need to be selected, and the number of months the customer would like the membership frozen for before pressing the request.


How can I approve the document for a freeze?

Click on manage membership > View status timeline

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 10.18.10.png

You will now see the membership status history and the freeze pending/rejected at the bottom click view details

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 10.19.18.png

Click view freeze request and it will take you to the document that needs approving


As you can see below if you go back to view the membership status history you will now see the membership has been frozen

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 10.21.00.png


Key Defects

GoCardless mandate failure improvements made to take into account when a mandate fails from an ARUDD code as well as a AUDDIS code. This bug was resulting in scenario where the status of a DD payment would show as Unknown. All clients who have customers impacted, have been contacted. 


Payment requests for 'next collection' happening despite the required number of failed attempts based on a clients setting occurring. All clients who have customers impacted, have been contacted. 


Activity Bugs:

The team have further spent a lot of time working on multiple complex bugs around double bookings and clash detection. Wider team have now been consulted which will hopefully help with a resolution by the next release.

Other tasks

Increased security around all sensitive settings within the backend.

Improvement of customer Import header updates to help with onboarding new users into Flow.

'Next" and 'Back' buttons in FOH facility calendar updated to only load the data after a delay to prevent excessive requests from overuse in key booking periods.



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