1.49.0 Release Notes


Estimated Release Date

17th January 2024

Estimated Release Time

11 pm

Expected Downtime

No expected downtime


Originally scheduled for 14th December 2023 however, has been delayed until Jan 2024



The teams have continued to progress on the new Resource Timeline (Facility Calendar) since the 1.48 release, with team resources also allocated to resolve several critical hot-fixed activity bugs during this release cycle. In addition, this release also brings 2 further membership enhancements and a new email notification template.


Resolving a Paid in Full Membership due to Eligibility

Members who do not upload an eligibility document in time for their purchased paid-in-full membership, resulting in their membership becoming suspended, will now be able to have the suspended membership status resolved by staff via the Customer module. Please find the demonstration video below:


New Email Notification for Re-activated Memberships

Staff users with access to the Notification sub-module (which can be located within the System Configuration module) can now configure the email notification template for emails triggered when a membership is re-activated. This will allow clients to edit the email content and even make the content unique to individual centres if required.


This new email notification template has the following variables:


Variable Contains
{{membership.type}} The type of membership that was suspended.
{{membership.paymentType}} The payment type that was in use for the membership.
{{membership.reference}} The reference for the membership that was suspended.
{{suspension.source}} The source of the suspension.
{{suspension.reason}} The reason for the suspension.
{{suspension.resolution}} The resolution of the suspension (the reason the membership was reactivated).
{{suspension.duration}} The duration of the suspension in days.
{{client.uuid}} Your own Client Unique ID.
{{client.name}} Your own Client Name.
{{client.image}} Your own Client Image.
{{client.email}} Your own Client Email.
{{clientUrls.bookingUrl}} The URL of your booking application.
{{clientUrls.myAccountUrl}} The URL of your account application.
{{user.uuid}} The Unique ID of the User the notification is being sent too.
{{user.email}} The Email of the User the notification is being sent too.
{{user.username}} The Username of the User the notification is being sent too.
{{user.first_name}} The First Name of the User the notification is being sent too.
{{user.last_name}} The Last Name of the User the notification is being sent too.
{{user.reference}} The Reference of the User the notification is being sent too.
{{user.source}} The source of the customer's registration. Possible values: bookings, course_pro_import, csv_import, customers, front-of-house, itineris_import, moves, my-account, online-joining
{{user.created_by_staff}} True or false flag indicating whether the user was created by a staff member (with a randomly generated password).
{{user.homeVenueUrl}} The URL of the customer's home venue.
{{passwordResetUrl()}} A generated password reset URL for the customer.
{{subject}} The Subject of the notification.
{{venue.id}} The id of the facility.
{{venue.name}} The name of the facility.
{{venue.url}} The full URL of the facility.

Please find the demonstration video below on how to edit this notification template:


Updating Custom Question Answers when Renewing a Membership

Clients who utilise custom questions against paid-in-full membership sales can now update answers to those questions when renewing a member's membership via the Customer module.


Please find the demonstration video below:

There is also additional scheduled development to this feature due for release 1.52, whereby customers will be able to update the answers themselves when renewing their memberships from My Account online.


Access Data Source

Client with access control set up in their facilities will be able to report on access control entries with this datasource, which will refresh daily at 4.15am. This is an expansion the 4Global Access Control datasource, however this new datasource will show more than 1 days worth of entries. The fields available for this datasource are as follows:

  1. Facility ID

  2. Customer ID

  3. Was Access Granted (yes / no)

  4. Access Point Name

  5. Access Point ID

  6. Access Date

  7. Access Time

This datasource will allow clients to be able report on footfall for any time period at their facilities and support with identifying any customers who were denied access.

Key Defects

Within Release

- Correction to the next payment date shown in the email that is triggered to a member when their membership has been unfrozen. Reported instances in which the next payment date in the email did not state the correct next payment date.

Already released

The following defects have already been communicated to key contacts from each client and an incident report provided where appropriate, which includes:

- FOH was showing an incorrect number of activity bookings against the roster. For example, an activity showed fewer bookings than when you viewed the bookings from the roster. 

- Reported cases of when a customer has a booking in their cart that they did not complete the transaction for (either via FOH or online), the system was not removing this pending booking, resulting in the customer not being able to book any other activity for the same day & time as the pending booking.

- Reported cases where an activity stated it is fully booked even though there were available spaces, resulting in customers not being able to complete a booking for an available activity.

- End of Shift Reconciliation datasource refresh schedule has been updated from 5 pm daily to midnight daily on 4th January 2024. This will allow for more prompt reconciliation to take place the day after a trading day as the report will show all shifts for the trading day - previously reports would only show shifts up until 5pm for the trading day. 



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