How to create custom questions


Having custom questions when customers are booking a Fast Ticket activity or purchasing a membership can be beneficial for several reasons:

Tailored Experience: Custom questions allow you to tailor the activity/membership experience to the needs and preferences of your customers. Understanding their fitness goals, current fitness level, any health concerns, and preferred workout styles can help you personalize the class to better meet their needs. This is especially beneficial for Fast Ticket activities as they allow you to book tickets on behalf of others.

Safety Precautions: Custom questions can help ensure the safety of your customers by allowing them to disclose any relevant health conditions or injuries. This information enables instructors to provide modifications or alternatives during the class to prevent injuries or exacerbating existing conditions.

Efficiency: Gathering specific information upfront through custom questions can streamline the booking process. It allows instructors to prepare adequately and ensures that the class is well-suited to the participants' needs, maximizing efficiency during the session.

Client Engagement and Satisfaction: By showing an interest in their individual needs and preferences, you demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction. Custom questions can enhance engagement by making clients feel valued and understood, fostering a positive relationship between clients and instructors.

Retention and Loyalty: Providing personalized experiences through custom questions can contribute to increased customer retention and loyalty. Clients are more likely to return for future classes and recommend your services to others if they feel that their needs are understood and addressed effectively.

Data Collection and Analysis: Gathering information through custom questions allows you to collect valuable data about your clients and their preferences over time. Analyzing this data can help you identify trends, make informed decisions about class offerings, and continuously improve your services to better meet the needs of your clientele.


Overall, custom questions during the booking/joining process can enhance the customer experience, improve safety measures, increase efficiency, and contribute to long-term business success in the fitness industry.


Step-by-Step Guide

For Fast Ticket Activities

  1. From the home page, go to the Custom Questions module.

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.22.17.png
  2. Click on 'Create a New Question'.

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.22.55.png

  3. You can choose the desired configuration for the question.

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.23.44.png

  4. We'll use 'Short text' as an example. Select 'Activity' from the Category drop-down. (If creating a membership question you would select 'Membership'.

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.25.07.png
  5. Type in the Question and enter the reference (optional) and click on 'Save Question'. Please note that the reference will not accept any space.

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.27.16.png
  6. Go to your Fast Activity Template, click on the 'Custom Questions' tab and click on 'Add Question'.

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.31.42.png
  7. Type in a keyword to search for your custom question. For example, with the above example, you could type 'swim'.

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.37.56.png
  8. If you want the custom question to be required to fill in when booking an activity, please tick 'required'. If you want to leave it optional, you can leave it unticked and click on 'Add Question'.

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.40.35.png
    Please note: If a schedule for this activity has already been published, the custom question will not show when a customer books it. This will only show for new schedules.

    This is how it will show when a customer books a Fast Ticket Activity online:
    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 13.26.06.png

    For Memberships
  1. Go to the Membership Group to which you wish to add the Custom Question and click on the Questions tab.
    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.55.08.png
  2. Click on 'Add New Section'.

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.55.08.png
  3. Enter the Name and Description (optional) and click on 'Save Section'.

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 13.02.11.png
    You can add as many sections as you want.

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 13.06.06.png

  4. Once you are happy with your sections, you can create custom questions directly from each section by clicking on 'Create New Question' or you can add an existing one by clicking on 'Add Membership Questions'.

    If adding an existing question, select which one you wish to add and click on 'Add Selected Questions.
    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 13.10.20.png
    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 13.14.28.png

    Again, here, you can choose whether you want the questions to be required or optional.

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 13.18.10.png
    Please note that this will apply to all Membership Types within that Group. You cannot add a custom question per Membership Type.

    This is how it will be displayed when a customer purchases a membership in that Group:

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 13.16.38.png

    As you can see, only the question that had 'required' ticked shows with an asterisk.

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