How to create a Membership Group?


In this guide, we will show you how to set up your Membership Groups.

The membership groups will feed the details in the membership types within that group the same way an activity template feeds the details into a schedule.

Membership Groups can include the following:

  • Benefit
  • Membership Coverage
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Can a membership be frozen
  • Can a membership be changed offline/online
  • Membership Questions
  • Etc...

Step-by-step guide

Home> Membership> Membership Group> Create New Group> Create Membership Group

  1. Select the membership module

  2. Select membership group

  3. Click the 'Create new group' button


  4. Fill in the fields below


  • Name: Membership group name

  • Friendly name (Optional): If you want to give a different friendly.

  • Membership benefits (optional): Benefits included in the membership e.g., free towel hire. Learn more about Creating Benefits

  • Eligibility Criteria: The criteria a person has to meet to purchase this membership. E.g. a student membership will require a student ID card. 

  • Marked as counted sale: This field is mainly for accounting purposes, you can choose if this membership should be counted as a sale in your reports.

  • Can membership groups be frozen? Choose if this membership can be frozen for a period of time. Learn more Applying a membership freeze


  • Month in Hand: if you wish to charge the last month of the membership at the time of purchase to prevent loss of revenue if the customer cancels their mandate at the bank. This is set to 'No' by default.
  • Allow membership purchase: choose how and where this membership can be purchased - online, offline or both.

  • Membership coverage: Choose the facilities or area included when purchasing this membership.
    You have the following options:
    - National
    - Global (if you only have facilities in one country, Global and National will be the same).
    - Area Group


  • Ignore cancellation and no show penalties: choose if your membership should have cancellation or no show penalties applied. If set to yes, these can be overridden at the Activity level. Learn more about Configuring your cancellation/no show penalties

  • Allow membership change: tick the box if customers on this membership can change their membership either to a higher or lower yield or both and choose whether they can make this change online or offline.

  • Description: write a description about what's included in the membership

  • Advance booking settings (Optional, overrides the default facility/global setting): Choose how many days in advance they can book activities
    - Days in advance members can book class activities online
    - Days in advance members can book ad-hoc activities online
    - Days in advance members can book class activities offline
    - Days in advance members can book ad-hoc activities offline

5. Select the 'Create' button to complete setting up your membership group.


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