1.53.0 Release Notes - GLL


Estimated Release Date

10th April 2024

Estimated Release Time

11 pm

Expected Downtime

No expected downtime



During this development cycle, the team's key focuses have been on two priority feature projects, continuing on the current phase of Activities V2 and Membership Promotions.

The team have also supported with further bulk data export/import client requests from the last release and have made improvements on two reported system defects that have already been released ahead of 1.53 release date.



Key Defects - Already Released

4Global Datasource Improvement

For the 4Global Courses datasource, there was a reported issue whereby session data was being passed to 4Global however the capacity field was returning null data, which was impacting the reporting supplied by 4Global. Documentation from 4Global was reviewed and confirms that the capacity field should be pulling through the number of available spaces for the session. This change has now been made to the datasource and the capacity field will now include the relevant data.


Error 500 Message on Membership Tab

Reported cases where the Membership Tab on some customers' profiles was showing an Error 500 message. The team have investigated this and found that for this case it relates to an issue surrounding imported freezes and how the end dates and times were set at the time of importing. This has now been rectified within Flow and the Membership Tab should now no longer present the Error 500 message for customer accounts that had the issue with their freeze from import.


Off boarding - South Bucks

Off boarding carried out for South Bucks facilities for GLL. Work completed by the team included final export, cancellation of mandates and memberships. Final redactions will be carried out in bulk when all off boarding facility work is completed. 


Finance Files 

Support provided to GLL due to issues with the SFTP location to automatically send over Till Files on a daily basis. Team carried out investigation internally as well as consulting with GLL provider. Alternative resource setup to supply GLL files in interim. 


Membership display issue - 3711

Issue where only Memberships with 'National Coverage' are now showing for purchase following the 1.52 release. Issue resolved and incident report sent to GLL. 



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