1.55.0 Release Notes

Estimated Release Date

22nd May 2024

Estimated Release Time

11 pm

Expected Downtime

No expected downtime



During this shorter development cycle following the 1.54 Release, the teams have continued the work to progress Activities V2 (Templates & Schedules) along with Membership Promotions V1. They have also worked on a few key defects for checkout price inaccuracy and the Resource Calendar. 


Key Defects - Already Released

Checkout Price Inaccuracy

We had found cases internally where the incorrect membership discount/benefit discount was displayed at checkout for fast tickets, an improvement was made to show the correct amount.

To confirm we found there were two scenarios where this was happening:

- A membership discount via the pricing adjustments resulted in the ticket price, total price & basket price showing different amounts.

- The discount linked to a membership benefit resulted in the ticket, total and basket showing different amounts.


Resource Calendar - New Schedules

In some reported cases, newly created schedules would appear on the Facility Calendar, but not the new Resource Calendar. The team have identified the issue behind these cases and have released an improvement for all new schedules to appear correctly in the Resource Calendar. 


Key Defect - With the Release

Resource Calendar - Overlapping Activities

In some cases, when activities were scheduled that overlapped with a Block Booking already scheduled at the same time and location, these activities were displayed as being ‘available’ in the new resource timeline. This has now been corrected for this release, and those activities will display as ‘unavailable’. Please note that in any cases where this particular defect occurs the overlapped activities were unavailable to be booked via FOH or online.


In other cases when scheduling a Block Booking that overlaps with existing (unbooked) activities, the Block Booking should again make the other activities unavailable. This was initially not the case due to a separate defect which allowed the overlapped activity to remain available for booking, this has now been corrected for this release.

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