1.56.0 Release Notes


Estimated Release Date

12th June 2024



Please note, starting with this Release, we will be moving our release deployment from evening to daytime. Your Client Success Executive will update you once a release deployment has been completed on the day for your awareness. If you would like further information on the benefits of daytime releases, please refer to your Release Notes & Resources table in your Client Portal. 


During this development cycle, the teams have continued the work to progress Activities V2 (Templates & Schedules) and are finishing the work for Membership Promotions V1 to be released in 1.57.0 Release. In addition, we have improved key defects with third-party integrations and disabled our Facility Calendar for replacement with the Resource Calendar.


Key Defect - Already Released

CoursePro Integration

Following the release of our Re-Sync button, there were some reported cases where CoursePro was not receiving the information after a manual re-sync. An improvement has now been made to the Re-Sync button and there have been no further reported cases. In addition for reference, we have been working with CoursePro and organised a full re-sync between Flow & CoursePro to ensure customer accounts & membership statuses are now up to date. As a result, clients may see an increase in Plan Problems within CoursePro as the full re-sync will have highlighted any cancelled memberships that are still booked into lessons.


Key Defect - With the Release

GoCardless Integration

With the release will bring an improvement to our integration with GoCardless concerning updating contact information. Following the release, when a customer email address is updated in Flow this will now push through into GoCardless to update the email address used for DD communications.


Disabling Facility Calendar - With the Release

Initially, we had planned to disable the Facility Calendar on the 31st of May and replace the default view with the Resource Calendar. Instead, we will now be releasing an OpenPlay Admin-controlled setting to disable the Facility Calendar. The Customer Support Team will update this setting and disable the Facility Calendar for all clients on the 12th of June following the release.

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