1.32.0 Release notes

Released on December 7th 2022


Summary: Release 1.32.0

The release sees a number of valuable features. We have added the ability for FOH staff to take and manage customers photos, mainly for safeguarding and security purposes. We also completed the ability for customers to change a recurring membership online. Finally we included a key enhancement that should support GLL and other clients' needs - the ability to ‘auto mark bookings as attended’ for each type of activity. This will allow clients to more accurately report on attendance for block bookings or for facilities that do not have access control. In terms of stability and defects, focus was again given to finance issues.


Booking Space Visibility

A small enhancement made to schedules that allows admins visibility to booked slots within the schedule. When bulk editing or cancelling a schedule this will help to make informed decisions based on booking volume.





Activity Attendance

We have made an enhancement to this global setting that allows admins the ability to choose which types of activity is ‘auto-attended’ at the end of the day.


Please see our How to Auto Mark Attendance Knowledge Base article



Aged Debtors Report

There has been an update to this data source to combine all types of debt in Flow. This will now include any late cancellation, non-attendance and overdue booking penalties.

Note: This will include



Clients can use this to accurately report on paid and unpaid debt, as well as its ‘age’ as unpaid debt can be written off for accounting purposes.

Removal Reasons:

  • Transport Issues
  • Customer Illness
  • Access Control Faulty
  • Session Cancelled
  • Booking Error
  • Penalty Paid
  • Bulk Remove (when the command is run by OP)

(See attached Aged Debtors Sample at the bottom)


Command to clear booking penalty debt

As part of this feature we have written a command that can remove all booking penalty debt.




Adding a Direct Debit Payment Method

This small enhancement will give FOH staff the ability to add a direct debit payment method to a customer’s account. This should help in situations where the customer has a membership, but no payment method. For example a customer could have cancelled their direct debit my mistake, but still wish to continue their membership, and therefore will have to add new details.


See our Steps to add a direct debit payment method knowledge base article for more details




Changing a Membership Online (recurring payment only)

Customers can now change a membership online. This functionality has been available via FOH for a while and is now available for the customer. Note this is only available for recurring monthly memberships and not for Paid in Full which we will plan and release in 1.33.0.


Customer Profile Photos

The new feature enables customers to have a photo attached to their account. This allows FOH staff to verify the identity of incoming customers. This functionality can be turned on or off


Note: This release only includes managing customer profile photos on the FOH side. The customer side, alongside the ability to manage this feature on the web-app will be rolled out in the following sprint.


Feature Summary:

  • Admin can enable/disable customer profile feature
  • Admin can configure staff permissions
  • Admin can manage profile photo notification
  • FOH can upload, take, crop and delete a customer photo


See our Enabling/disabling customer profile photos knowledge base article.

Note: The first time an image is uploaded, the crop screen doesn’t appear in full size. This does not apply when changing a photo. A bug has been raised to deal with this.



Key Defects improved within 1.32.0


We have made changes that should see improvement around the following issues:


- Unable to view closures

- FOH customer membership tab only shows 1 of many memberships - not the active one

- 1st Collection date incorrect on customer side

- Cancelling a block booking slot only removes the customer from the booking rather than the actual booking altogether



If you have any questions about this release, please do get in touch with us on support@openplay.co.uk

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