How to auto mark bookings as attended?


In this guide, we will show you how to auto mark bookings as 'attended'.

We have made an enhancement to the General Settings that allows admins the ability to choose which types of activity is ‘auto-attended’ at the end of the day.

How do we know how many people ‘attended’ an activity?

  • This is fairly simple for Classes and Fast Tickets because the number of attendees will equal the usage, i.e. how many people turned up.
  • For ad-hoc activities and block bookings (which are themselves ad-hoc bookings) admins must assign a ‘usage’ to the activity. For instance one customer may book a tennis court, however 4 people will turn up to use it. Therefore you can create a usage type of ‘doubles tennis’ and assign the usage of ‘4.’ Similarly if the booking was for Football, then the usage could be 22.
  • Usage is defined at the pricing option and is different from the ‘spaces’ as defined in the activity template (you can have 1 bookable space, but 4 usages)
  • Usage is mostly used for Block Bookings, where multiple usages could be defined. E.g. 15 children, 5 adults.

Note: The system will auto-attend all bookings overnight for the previous day

Recording Attendance

We have evolved this global setting to pick one or multiple activity types, because it is not always easy for operators to mark customers as attended. For block bookings, an entire team may attend, but only one person makes the booking. Similarly for Fast Tickets the access gate may be manually opened for a group of attendees, say a family or a birthday party. By turning on this setting Flow will ‘assume’ those booked have attended. It will also record the specified usage of a block booking or ad-hoc automatically.


Step by Step Guide

1. Go to the System Configuration Module


2. Go to Settings


3. Go to Manage Settings


4. In the name tab, search for Auto mark bookings as attended and click on Edit


5. Add the Activity type(s) you wish to auto mark as attended

  • Adhoc
  • Class
  • Fast Ticket
  • Block Booking


Use Cases

  • Some clients wish to auto-attend block bookings and fast ticket activities. Therefore they will set these two types at a Global level
  • They have a number of facilities that have no access control (which marks attendance in virtue of going through the gate) so they will override this setting for those individual settings.
  • Others, who operate a number of activities off site, will be able to specify the types of activities that are auto-attended because there is no access control to mark them accordingly.

For example, if you just want Block Booking and Fast Ticket, select them both and click on Save




In order to manage Block Bookings on Flow, we schedule Ad-Hoc templates. Therefore if a client selects that ad-hoc activities be auto-attended, then both standard ad-hocs and block bookings will be marked as attended. However if they select ‘block bookings’ it will only mark those that are block bookings as attended.


As we enhance the block booking functionality, we will be able to isolate the settings. But for now an Ad-Hoc is a Block Booking.

Once set, the activities will be marked as attended overnight and will be displayed accordingly in the usage report.

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