What should be the Home page, Membership & Activity Tile Image size?


The Activity tile image & Membership (alongside the Homepage) tile image are client settings and can be added via the system configuration module  - recommended sizes for the tile images are:

  • Intrinsic size: 1626 × 1365 px for Activity & Membership Tiles

N.b: These will be rendered to 300 x 230px

  • Intrinsic size:  1598 × 540 px for the Homepage tile

N.b: These will be rendered to 489 × 180 px


Step by Step Guide

1. From the home page, go to the System configuration module.


2. Go to Settings


3. Click on Manage Settings


4. In the name tab, type in Image and click on search


5. Click edit on the one you wish to upload the image to, then click on Choose file and upload the correct sized image and click on Save.


Repeat for the other tile images.


Whilst the Home page tile image can only be set on Global level, you can override both the Activity & Membership Tile images per facility. 


  • Go to the Activity/Membership tile image setting as per step 4 and 5 and click on Edit
  • Click on Group Override or Facility Override
  • Find the facility in the list and click Edit



  • Upload the file you wish to show for that facility only and click on Save.
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