1.33.0 Release Notes

Released on January 4th 2023


Summary: Release 1.33.0 Note

Release 1.33.0 sees the remaining functionality complete for changing a photo online and the ability for customers to change a fixed membership online. The team has also began the work on the Membership Debt feature (more info coming soon).


Customer Profile Photos

Following the previous release of customer profile photo management for admin users, this release sees the implementation on the customer side.

The feature enables customers to attach and manage their own profile photos online.

Feature Summary:

  • Customer can view their profile photo notification online
  • Customer can upload, take, crop and delete their profile photo online

Profile photo notification

When navigating to the their account dashboard, customer can see a notification reminding them to upload a profile photo.

  • This is contingent on FOH admin users having set the notification
  • The notification will remain on screen for the duration set by FOH admin staff OR until a photo has been uploaded


Uploading, taking, cropping customer profile photo

When navigating to their account dashboard, a customer can manage their customer profile photos. This is contingent on the feature being enabled for customers.

Customers can do the following:

  • Take a photo
  • Upload an existing photo from the library
  • Crop the photo into position
  • Save
  • Delete




Changing a fixed membership online

Similar to the functionality delivered in the 1.32.0 release, but this time the functionality is for fixed memberships (e.g. a yearly gym membership)

Downgrading a fixed membership

Flow does not support downgrading on a fixed membership. This is for two reasons:

  • Membership credit, which they are unlikely to then be able to use (unless they then purchased a recurring membership), if they downgraded. Resulting in the client needing to process refunds and cause a loss of revenue, plus staff resource
  • Fixed memberships usually are ‘discounted.’ buying a year membership instead of paying monthly would be on balance more affordable, if is therefore unlikely that downgrading is a viable, commercial or operational need for our clients.

Upgrading a membership

  • Customers can upgrade their fixed membership online
  • There will pay the difference upfront to complete the change

Changes are contingent on the membership configuration. The first image shows what is displayed to a customer if they cannot upgrade their fixed membership.

The second shows the upfront cost of the upgrade and the ability for the customer to choose the start date.




When changing a membership, any specific settings (such as custom questions) are triggered through the process. These must be completed (if required) before the payment can be made to upgrade the membership.


Change Membership Rules

  • A membership can be configured to allow:
    • Whether a membership change can be enabled / disabled
    • Whether that membership can be changed online, offline or both
    • Whether that membership can be upgraded to a higher price (online, offline, both)
    • The fixed membership cannot be downgraded
  • If a customer changes to a membership that has eligibility requirements, they will follow the same process as purchasing a new membership and must upload documentation after the change
  • A membership can only be changed if in an ‘Active’ state. No changes can happen if they are pending, suspended, cancelled, or frozen.

Key Defects fixed within 1.33.0

We have made some changes which should see improvement around the following:

  • Eligibility Criteria When set to 'Inactive', should not require eligibility proof
  • DD Amount Change Notification When changing the Direct Debit amount for a customer, they should receive a notification email informing them so



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