1.35.0 Release Notes

Released on February 15th 2023


Summary: Release 1.35.0



This release contains the majority of the work for a new integration with PDQ provider Verifone for the model V200c. This has been a significant project, which saw a completely new approach to how we integrate with a PDQ terminal.

It required the creation of a ‘bridge’ software called ‘Flow Connect’ which is installed on a client’s computer to ensure the hardware can connect to Flow.


The Release 1.35 notes at present will only outline other improvements to the system as detailed below. We will continue to deploy further elements of the Verifone integration outside of our regular release cycle and notify when this happens.


Key Defects fixed within 1.35.0

  • Online customers should no longer experience error messages when trying to book an activity online or purchase a membership (online or FOH). 
  • Adhoc bookings should now be reinstated once the Block booking (in the same resource and at the same date and time, has been cancelled.
  • Customers with a Membership with a future date should no longer be able to book activities before the membership starts.
  • If a membership start date is in the fast, the membership status on FLOW will no longer show 'future' but 'active'.
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