1.36.0 Release Notes

Planned released date - 8th March 2023



Due to the delay in release or 1.35.0, the release for 1.36.0 has been made up of a number of hotfixes and a smaller release on the 8th March 2023. 



Product functionality development has focused on enhancing the eligibility criteria associated with Memberships. Though the product behaved as intended we have received recent feedback that this area is too rigid for our clients. Some clients ran into problems through the improper changes to existing settings. We have therefore taken the opportunity to enhance the functionality to prevent repeat problems. The key enhancements include eligibility email notifications and a eligibility report. Details of which are outlined below:


Eligibility Report

We recently added a new Expiring Memberships Due To Eligibility Data Source in the reporting module. This report is available now as it was released prior to 1.36.0. 

  • The report helps to give clients more visibility over memberships that have eligibility configured
  • Helps with providing lists for any bespoke communications they wish to manage
  • Gives sight of any busy periods where re-submissions will require reviewing and to provision staff accordingly


(See attached sample CSV file on the bottom of this article)



Eligibility Notification Emails

Eligibility About To Expire

This notification is triggered by the expiry warning period configured against the Eligibility Documents they previously provided. 

The notification includes the following key information:

  • The membership associated with the eligibility
  • The days left until the document expires
  • The eligibility name
  • The eligibility description
  • The accepted documents for re-submission


Eligibility Upload Reminder Emails

This notification is sent to a customer who has recently purchased a new membership that requires eligibility. This is to remind them to upload eligibility to prevent their membership from being suspended

The notification email includes the following key information:

  • The membership associated with the eligibility
  • The days left until the the membership will become suspended
  • The eligibility name
  • The eligibility description
  • The accepted documents

The notification email is triggered by the Days after a membership is created in which a customer should upload the relative eligibility document setting under System Configuration>Settings>Manage Settings>Membership Category.

This notification is sent at two intervals before expiry:

  • 50% of the days remaining specified in the setting (e.g. if the setting 10 days, this is sent at 5 days before)
  • 1 day before.


Additional Work

  • We are continuing to work on a customer data importer as a priority to support the future onboarding efforts. 
  • In addition to this we have also worked to tidy up bank details for linked customers with cancelled instructions.
  • Finally we have also added transaction retries when purchasing a membership via the CoursePro API endpoint.



We have addressed an issue where Block bookings that could not be created because they clashed were still shown on the facility calendar.

We have also addressed the fact that users were unable to delete unused membership types that had categories.


In addition to this there have been a number of hotfixes deployed to address smaller issues. The support team are working on a method to communicate these fixes in a more consistent manner to give wider transparency to our client base.







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