1.43.0 Release Notes

Estimated Release Date

2nd August 2023

Estimated Release Time


Expected Downtime

No expected downtime



Within this development period our team focussed on clash detection issues which have been causing issues for our clients. These issues are complex in nature and as such took many rounds of fixes, and extensive client consultation, to ultimately find the root cause. Following our updates, and after close monitoring, we can confidently say we have resolved the ongoing clash detection issues. We will of course remain vigilant and keep in close contact with clients.

The team are pleased to announce that we can now enable the self-serve element (FOH only) of the GDPR delete function. This will allow staff members to delete customer records when requested.

Finally we also worked on a number of technical tasks and investigations around Flow Connect and the Facility Calendar which are detailed in the notes below. 



Customer Delete (GDPR)

The functionality noted in 1.42.0 is now ready for production.


Enabling the Customer Delete

When you are ready for this feature to be enabled please contact the OpenPlay Support Team and they will enable this feature. 




Making a customer delete

  • There is a new staff permission under the ‘customers’ module which enables a trusted member of staff to make the customer delete.
  • The delete can be made from the ‘personal details’ tab
  • Flow will prevent the record deletion if:
    • Any active ongoing memberships
    • Any active ongoing joint memberships
    • The customer has any upcoming bookings
    • The customer has any penalties due

The delete card is shown under emergency contact, if a staff member has the correct permissions


Notice when Flow cannot delete a customer

Can't delete.png

Notice when a Flow can delete a customer

Delete confirm.png

Securing Permissions

To allow staff to be able to make a Customer Delete request you can toggle this permission on under the ‘Customers’ security section when editing the relevant User Role.




Technical tasks + investigations

'Block Booking' added as credit reason

  • When adding credit users must choose from a list of reasons, and we’ve now added ‘Block Booking’ as a reason. This should will help to support clients invoicing for Block Bookings.

Verifone rollout planning

  • Mapping out of work required to rollout Verifone integration to our wider client

Facility Calendar

  • Technical updates required to set out framework to continue this development



Key defects

  • Clash detection issues whereby a Block Booking was not always cancelling Ad-hoc slots which were at the same time and place.
  • Issue where closed bank details could be submitted. Updates made to prevent failed instruction creation.
  • Adjustments or membership discounts not honoured when extending a customers paid in full (PIF) membership. This has now been resolved.
  • Membership stuck in a provisional status and not resolved in line with the global setting
  • This was ultimately a bug due to a use case. A membership with eligibility was available to purchase via FOH only. This meant that no request to ‘ask’ for eligibility online was made (as some customers may not actually have access to an online account). We have now made it possible for document submission online even if the membership was purchased offline (only).
  • Fix for our customer import to ensure that any pending memberships imported without an instruction are cancelled.
  • Fix prevents any customers from adding special non-numeric characters into their sort code and account number. This should reduce the amount of AUDDIS rejections.
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