1.27 Release notes


Released on 17th August 2022


This release has focused on:

  •  Customer Data Collection (More info to come soon including a demo upon release)

This feature is vital for supporting our multi-client environment, allowing admins to decide at which part of the joining journey certain data is collected from a customer.




  • Enhancements

We have made enhancements to our clash detection system, and continue to build out new design components as part of the UI updates


Key Defects 

FLOW-823: We've optimised the way the classes show information which will speed the way the classes tab on the FOH dashboard will display information.

FLOW-731: When a schedule is expired, FLOW will cancel any sessions already in place, past the expiry date.

FLOW-722: Removed spaces from all email addresses that included them which was preventing emails from being sent.

FLOW-621: Made further optimisation which should resolve the Issue with not being able to export pricing adjustments (triggering an error message).

FLOW-345: Issue where past (paid) orders were not transitioning from pending to successful and the payment for them would show in the basket, has now been resolved. Old records have now been cleared and fix in place to prevent such scenario from reoccurring.

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