1.28.0 Release Notes

Released on 7th September 2022


Summary: Release 1.28.0

Feature development in 1.28.0 focused on customer notes, a key enhancement that was prioritised through user feedback. This allows, dependent on staff role access, users to add notes to a customer profile in FOH. The functionality also allows staff to be notified when others respond to their notes. The aim is to help our clients provide a more seamless customer experience to their users. Development continued on Customer Data Field configuration (more info to come soon), which is on track to be released fully to production in 1.29.0 (Sept 28th). Investigations into a new user type ‘organisation’ continued, in preparation for the Block Booking Feature. Technical debt investigations were completed into the Memberships module. Groundwork was completed to support the membership debt feature.


This release has focused on:


  • Customer Notes
  • Configure email notifications for notes
  • Other Technical Tasks


🎉 Customer Notes is finally here! 🚀

This feature allows staff to add notes to a customer’s profile via their FOH profile. These notes only display to staff, not the customers. They are also configurable by staff roles, which enables only certain staff with permission to view and add notes. The notes feature also sends email notifications to staff who participate in leaving notes.

Key Summary:

  • The new permission to view and leave notes is found under the ‘customers’ module within the security configuration


  • The notes section supports markdown, which allows users to format the text with the following:
    • list view
    • numbered view
    • bold text
    • italic text
    • callout
    • hyperlinks


  • Other staff members can reply to a note, to either mark an outstanding action as complete, or to update a colleague to help with a customer enquiry. Reply threads are set to only one tier deep.

  • Reply notifications allow staff to track the notes made against a customers profile. These are configured on a profile by profile basis, allowing staff to choose which ones specifically they wish to be notified about


Configure email notifications for notes

  • With the inclusion of the notes feature, when a member of staff is notified by email, that template is now configurable within the notification section under the name new_comment


Other Technical Tasks

  • Groundwork was completed to support the creating and paying off of membership debt within Flow. This will also enable customers to ‘reactivate’ memberships as part of this functionality
  • Multiple investigations into how we will create a new user type of organisation within Flow to enable us to make block bookings for an organisation (like a school or sports club) rather than for a customer.


Key Defects fixed within 1.28.0

  • FOW-226 Fixed the issue where some customers were unable to pay online
  • FLOW-388 Customers’ Date of Births are no longer showing as 1 day earlier than expected via Customers > Personal Details
  • FLOW-657 Fixed an issue where Access control was incorrectly giving access to a customer
  • FLOW-768 Resolved an issue with Activity schedule not loading for some customers
  • FLOW-925 We’ve fixed an issue whereby the item in the ordered item line would show the pricing being 1p less than the amount actually paid
  • FLOW-929 Deployed a fix for the Fast ticket pricing option that was allowing multiple bookings with the membership discount despite being set for single use
  • FLOW-937 Adjustment is now working as expected and no longer allowing multiple free tickets instead of the just the one
  • FLOW-966 The Roster is now showing the whole list of attendees on large capacity classes
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