1.29.0 Release Notes

Released on 28th September 2022

Summary: Release 1.29.0

1.29.0 sees the release of a key feature: Customer Data Fields.

This feature enables our clients to configure which data fields are captured as part of the creation of a customer record on Flow.

It gives a great range of flexibility in choosing which stage certain information is gathered, be it via the customer module, creating an account online, or when purchasing a membership.

Investigations were completed for future feature development, with spikes for saved card details and email notifications for promotional campaigns being successful. Elsewhere work continued on building our components for the new design system.


Customer Data Field Configuration is finally ready for Production 🚀

Customer data field configuration is now complete. In summary the feature allows clients to configure which data is captured at various points when a customer record is created. The fields themselves are not configurable, rather they can be toggled as:

  • Disabled
  • Optional
  • Required

However Flow requires at least First NameLast Name and Email Address to create a customer record, therefore these are alway REQUIRED

The following data fields can be toggled configured, apart from those in red:


Personal Details Contact Details Emergency Contact Details Additional Details
First Name Email Name Gender
Last Name Phone Number Phone Number Ethnic Background
DOB Address Relationship Disability
    Address Marketing Preferences


Use Case of Customer Data Fields

A client wishes to provide the quickest account creation online, so they configure the form fields to only require:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

The customer only need to input a minimum amount of information to get started. However when that customer comes to purchase a membership, the client will configure the data fields to ask for more key information as part of Membership Purchase such as:

  • DOB
  • Address
  • Emergency Contact
  • Gender

FOH ‘Quick Add’

This form field has now been slightly amended to ask for the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number (not required)
  • DOB
  • Gender (currently hardcoded for 1.29.0)

This allows FOH staff to create a new customer account. Any additional details, that may be required by the business will be available for either staff to update, or the customer to update online.




Editing Details

If the configuration requires additional information, that was not included as part of the FOH ‘Quick Add’ the customer can enter this information within their customer account online

Similarly if a client changes the fields that are required, after a customer account is created then the customer can update these. For instance if DOB becomes required then once the customer updates their DOB, they can no longer edit it.


DOB Updated

Once this new ‘required’ field is configured and the customer has added this information then the form field is disabled.

Note: When a client changes the required fields, after a customer account is created, there are no prompts by Flow to ensure this is updated. Therefore, we suggest if a client were to change this, they notify customers and request they complete this organically.



Editing Details via FOH

FOH staff can also manage any form fields on behalf of the customer. The fields displayed will again be contingent on the configuration of the feature.



Configuring the three form fields

The client can configure the form fields for:

  • Customer Account (online)
  • Customer Account (customers module)
  • Membership Purchase


Membership Purchase

  • Contact Details and Additional Details are requested as part of the membership purchase journey



Key Defects fixed within 1.29.0

FLOW-138 Issue where DD Collection Files were not Balancing has been resolved.

FLOW-152 Deployed a fix to prevent creating multiple new instructions

FLOW-425 Resolved the issue where Bulk changing customer memberships was generating an Error Message ‘cannot source null price’

FLOW-436 Fixed the Direct Debit Collection data source which was incorrectly populating the due_date due to time zone conversion

FLOW-469 Future membership not applying discount is no longer an issue

FLOW-496 Fixed the problem causing customers to have historical payment data in basket via FOH

FLOW-554 We’ve resolved the issue where Memberships in a pending state would prevent benefit use

FLOW-591 Fixed issue with the DD collections report (columns with no data). Collection dates were being affected by time zones incorrectly.

FLOW-648 Can now use all special characters as a password

FLOW-655 Removed home club changes functionality for course pro memberships

FLOW-682 Fixed the issue that was causing that No line details were showing on Orders

FLOW-683 Fixed an issue that prevented to add a freeze (requiring a different start date for the freeze)

FLOW-839 Cancelled Memberships can no longer be frozen

FLOW-862 No longer getting the 404 error when importing prices and adjustments

FLOW-933 Fixed a problem causing to be unable to Remove a closure

FLOW-1163 Customer can now purchase a membership with the same email

FLOW-1266 Fixed the issue where an incorrect credit amount was added to the customer account upon removing a freeze

FLOW-1434 No longer getting an error message when cancelling slots via the schedule

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