1.30.0 Release notes

Released on 26th October 2022


Summary: Release 1.30.0

Release 1.30.0 sees the release of Saved Card Details, a significant enhancement for customers which enables them to save, edit and delete a card as a payment method. Alongside this feature was an improvement to the customer billing tab. A wide range of statuses have been added to provide more clarity for staff members, as well as an updated UI to better see any upcoming payments, as well as a history of a customers Direct Debit instructions. Some of the old email notifications have been upgraded to the new templates, allowing clients to easily edit content and variables of these transactional notifications.

Billing Tab Enhancements

The billing tab, found on the customer’s profile via FOH has been updated to display much more information to help the customer

The following statues and descriptions are shown below. These will be displayed to the FOH staff user when investigating the billing tab on the customer profile

Status Description
A forecast of an upcoming payment, this is subject to change, and may increase or decrease based on whether the fee changes due to a freeze, credit or membership upgrade
The amount shown will be attempted on the given billing day - this fee is now fixed in preparation for a collection attempt
The payment was successfully fulfilled
At least one attempt to take payment has failed. The system is currently retrying to take payment again
All attempts to take payment have failed
A recovery fee has been raised (note: very GLL specific, unlikely will show at all for future clients)
The payment amount is below the threshold and has been deferred to a later collection (this is applicable to GoCardless, who will not make a collection on a value less than £1. Therefore Flow will defer this amount to the next collection - this will have no impact on the membership(s) associated
The system is currently processing, to see whether any more payment attempts can be made. This typically occurs before the ‘Retrying’ or ‘Failed’ status



Upcoming & Historic Payment information

The billing tab now displays a table of collections that can be:

  • Filtered by ‘This Year’ or ‘Next Year’ to view future upcoming collections
  • Checkbox to only show ‘future collections’
  • Status next to each collection

Note: The changing of statuses is not immediate within the system. It will take approximately 10-15 mins for the status to update. Do not expect a ‘retrying’ status to show immediately after processing any failed collection attempt.


View Future Collections


Retrying Status Shown (relevant to the instruction status of Re-presentation)


Failed Status - when all payment attempts have been exhausted


Instruction History

A new enhancement has been added to display the history of a customers Direct Debit Instruction. This will allow staff to troubleshoot any queries regarding the cancellation or changes to previous instructions.

For instance is a customer ‘accidentally’ cancels an instruction then a member of staff can see when this occurred, or if a customer updated their bank details, when this was changed.

View all instructions (note this will only display when there is more than one historical instruction)



Instruction Detailed view


Saved Card Details

Saved Card details has been added to allow a faster and more streamlined checkout for customers. With the introduction of 3D Secure customers are required to add a billing address, making the payment process long and arduous. Therefore once a customer saves their card they only have to enter the CVC code to make a payment.

Feature Summary

  • A card can only be saved when making a payment
  • Flow only supports the saving of one card
  • A card can be deleted by the customer
  • A card’s address details can be edited
  • Customers can choose to pay with another card at checkout, and subsequently save this card, which replaces the previous one
  • If a customer wants to change a saved card, they can either delete it and add another at checkout, or complete the aforementioned step to replace it
  • Customer receives a notification on their account dashboard if their saved card expires

Admin Notes

We currently only support the saving of cards for payment provider Opayo. The client will have to enable the saved card feature within the admin area of Opayo, before enabling it on Flow which can be done via:

System Configuration → Payment Providers → Saved Cards Enabled


If this setting is enabled before the Opayo Client settings then the customer will be unable to save a card, even if they try to save a card. Therefore it is important that the client turns on the feature before enabling the setting on Flow.

Note: the client may have to pay a fee to Opayo for using this feature. It is likely the cost will be associated to the volume of users, however OP are not privy to this information.

Saving a Card at Checkout

  1. Customer enters their billing and payment details
  2. They select to save the card
  3. The card is then saved to their account on completion of the payment



Paying with a Saved Card

  1. Add a booking to to you basket
  2. Select the payment method as ‘pay with saved card’
  3. Enter Card Security Code (CVC)
  4. Pay

Using a saved card to purchase a membership

  • A saved card can be used to pay for any upfront fees as part of a membership purchase too


Paying with a Different Card

  • If a customer does not wish to pay with their saved card, they can select ‘pay with a different card’
  • They will be required to add their billing details
  • They can choose to save this new payment card for future payments, replacing their current saved card

Expired Card Notification

  • When a saved card expires the customer is notified when they navigate to their basket for payment
  • They must enter new billing and payment details before saving a new card


Updating Card Billing Details

  • A customer can update their Saved Card billing details, such as address
  • The customer cannot edit their card details - and are notified as such
  • To change a saved card, the customer must delete their current one and add a new one, or save an alternative payment card

Deleting a Saved Card

  1. Customer navigates to their payment tab
  2. Clicks ‘Manage Card’
  3. Clicks ‘Delete Card’ and confirms
  4. Customer is notified that the deletion was successful

Email Template Conversions

Penalty Issued

Customer is notified when a booking penalty is added to their account


Added to Waiting List

Customer is notified when they have been added to an activity waitlist


Activity Location Changed

Customer is notified that the activity they have booked has had it’s location changed


Booking Space Opened Up

Customer is notified that the booking they are on a waitlist for, now has an open space


Additional Development

  • Activity Schedules taking too long to load - related to the pricing engine. A refactor was made to boost performance
  • Moves+ Verification Email Link expiry was increased from 30 mins to 1 hour


Key Defects fixed within 1.30.0

FLOW-612 Fixed issue where Customers were showing with unpaid bookings when they had already been paid.

FLOW-749 Fixed the issue where Member Credits were being duplicated

FLOW-883 Order of fast ticket selection affecting the pricing has now been resolved.

FLOW-976 Templates now only clashing if the other activity is fully booked (was clashing regardless before)

FLOW-1122 Fixed a bug that was causing the next collection date to show the following month once the collectable fee was generated.

FLOW-1173 Resolved the issue where cancelled bookings were still showing live for booking

FLOW-1312 Issue where the Benefit setting for 'Centre included in their membership' was not applying has now been resolved.

FLOW-1343 Pricing Option Adjustment - Integer Issue

FLOW-1496 Fixed the issue that was causing the Eligibility management to be significantly slower.

FLOW-1551 Can't Add New Membership To Customer

FLOW-1569 Unable to save details on BET2095520




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